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December 12, 2011
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  "I don't know vhy I agreed to zhis," Germany mummbled under his breath angrily as he fixed his tux up a bit.

  "Aww, common Vest~" Prussia said from behind him,"I svear, vhen ______ get's here, you'd regret not comming."

  The taller man sighed,"I svear to gott, if you made her do somesing she didn't vant to-"

  "Vest, I think your little crush on _______ is so cute," He said, making him sound like his brother was a little kid again,"My little bruder's got a crush!"

  Germany tried to hide the red that was now spread across his face,"Vill you just shut your mouth for once in your life!?"

  Before he could say anything more, France was standing above everyone, on top of an amazing flight of stairs that were carpeted red with gold edges,"It seems out final guest has arrived!" He announced.

  Prussia smirked at his brother before joining France and Spain above all the others. Prussia smiled at Spain,"So, she's dressed?"

  Spain nodded,"Ella es muy bonita, mi amigo!" He said, smiling brightly,"I assure you, she looks muy fantastica!"

  You waited behind a set of giant doors,'Just what the hell are those three up to now?' You think to yourself, blushing at the thought of this stupid idea.

  France poked his head in a bit,"Mon ami, are you ready?"

  You sighed a bit,"If you guys are ready for whatever the hell you are doing, I guess I am."

  You heard Spain from behind,"Keep that attitude up."

  "Mein bruder is going to be happy to see you."

  Your face went completly red. You have had a crush on Germany for a long while now and Prussia knew it,"W-wait, he's here!" You cry out in embaressment.

  France smiled to the guests below,"If you would all do us an honor by welcoming Mademoiselle ________!"

  The doors opened up (with the help of Prussia and Spain) to a girl in a beautiful [f/c] dress with a silver hairpeice in her [h/c] hair which was straightened but pulled up so elegantly in a bun behind your head.

  That girl was you.

  France gently took your hand and kissed it just the same,"Mademoiselle, your boyfriend awaits."

  "He's not my boyfriend," You murmer under your breath.

  Germany looked up at you, a bit shocked at the dramatic change. He heard Italy from behind,"She's really pretty, isn't she Doitsu?"

  He nodded slowly,"J-ja." He said a bit before stepping up the railing by the steps.

  You blushed, looking down at Germany who was looking really good in his tuxedo. You stepped down the stairs elegantly in your black heels.

  You made it down to Germany and he took your hand gently. He pressed his lips gently against it,"You look amazing tonight." He said gently.

  You blushed,"T-thank you...Germany."

  Italy came up behind him,"Bella! You look georgous tonight!" He said excitedly as usual.

  You lightly blushed,"T-thank you Ita-chan."

  Everyone seemed to bring all their attention onto you and you were being hounded by pretty much every country in a few moments.

  Germany grabbed your arm and pulled you away from them,"Zhat's enough!" He said a bit defensivly.

  Your face went red as it could,'H-he never acted this defensive before.' You thought to yourself.

  "I knew it Vest!" Prussia said from behind,"You two are so cute togezer." He pushed both of you closer together before walking off,"Have an awesome night!"

  You looked up at his face but it was unreadable as it ever was. You sighed, looking away.


  You had an awesome night at the party, spending time with all of your friends you have not seen in forever like America and Japan. It seemed like this night couldn't get much better, but you suddenly realize that Germany was sitting alone on the side, watching you enjoy yourself.

  You felt a pang of pitty for him and made your way over,"Germany, do you want to dance?"

  "Nein," He said a bit quietly,"I'm not zhat good vith dancing."

  You pouted a bit,"Just one slow song at the very least?"

  He sighed, unable to deny your request,"Fine zhen." He said.

  You gently took his hand and he held his arm for you to take. You gently put your arm around his arm and put your head on his shoulder,"You don't need to be so stiff Germany."

  You heard him sigh as you both made your way onto the giant dance floor. He put his hands on your waist and you immediatly feel your face go red,"S-sorry."

  "N-no...It's fine." You said, gently reassuiring him while you put your hands on his shoulders. You never really noticed how beautiful his blue eyes were until now and they seemed to be shinning a bit brighter then usual.

  Nearby, Prussia, Spain and France were watching,"Mein gott, Vest is so lucky. She's such a pretty girl. Vhat does she see in him?"

  Spain and France shrugged,"Mon amour looks very happy though. I say we don't spoil the moment.

  "Besides," Spain said,"Your hermano doesn't seem too upset about this either."

  "Forget Vest," He said sighing,"I should be slow dancing vith someone as pretty as her." As he said that, Hungary passed by,"Kesese~ France, vhy don't you ask Seychelles." He said before bulting to get Hungary to dance with him.

  France laughed a bit,"He's a lady killer."

  "That is, if Hungary doesn't kill him first. Now go and get Seychelles."

  France looked over at Spain,"But what about you mon ami? You don't have a mademoiselle."

  Spain laughed a bit,"I'll probably just end up draging Romano onto the dance floor."

  Back to you and Germany, you gently rested your head onto his chest. He was warm and you felt safe in his arms right now.

  Prussia came over with Hungary in tow,"I'm glad to see you two are enjoying yourselves." He laughed a bit.

  Hungary grabbed him by the tie,"You said you were gunna dance with me. So DANCE!"

  You laughed,'Some things won't ever change.' You shut your eyes gently as the song ended. You felt Germany let go of you and in a second, he had left you alone,"God damnit!" You say, stomping your foot in frustration.

  Prussia held onto your shoulder,"I can get him to come back you know. If anyvone knows Vest, it's his big bruder."

  You sighed and pushed his hand off of your shoulder,"No. If he left, I don't want to bother him."

  "Nein, nein." He insisted, grabbing you by both of the arms,"Vest wouldn't be able to resist comming over."

  The albino man leaned over and kissed you quickly. You tried to pull away but he held you close. You had to admit, after a minute, you wanted to melt but it didn't seem right.

  You felt an arm rip you away from him,"Bruder!" He felt yourself get pulled closer into Germany's embrace,"I told you not to do anysing to her!"

  Prussia laughed obnoxiously,"But you came over to get her, right?" He pouted, seeing Germany had no reaction,"Vell at least I didn't leave her alone on zhe dance floor. Zhat was shallow."

  You felt your head get pressed closer to his chest and your face was madly red. You break from his grip,"I-I need a minute," You said, rushing towards the back door.


  You sat outside crying in the snow,"Damnit Prussia! Damnit Germany! Both of you ruined everything." You were ruining the makeup that took so long to apply earlier.

  You hear the door open behind you but you don't look,"J-ja..._______."

  "What do you want?" You snapped back in a bitter tone.

  Germany sat next to you,"L-look. Mein bruder...he set zhis up. I svear I had no part of zhis."

  "And why should I trust you?"

  You felt his hand hold yours gently and you looked over at him. He wasn't looking at you and his face was red,"L-look...______, I've vanted to tell you somesing for avile now."

  Curious, you looked over at him with gentler eyes,"What's wrong? Is there someone else?"

  "N-nein!" He said a bit suprised. He looked deep into your [e/c] eyes,"_-______, I-iche liebe dich," He said quietly with a red face.

  You smiled ever so gently and began to laugh. He froze, still in terror you supposed,"G-Germany!"

  He sighed,"I knew I vas being stupid."

  You put your hand to his face gently,"No," You said with a smile on your face,"I...I love you too." Gently, you kissed him on his cheeck.

  He smiled so gently. He needed to smile more, you though. His smile was so warm and inviting. Slowly, you two leaned towards each other and pressed your lips against one anothers.

  "And it looks like we have the couple of our dance tonight." You both whip your head around to see everyone was watching.

  Your face went completly red but you smiled just alittle bit. You looked up at Germany who was looking back at you and you kissed once more, this time, more passionatly.

'Nuff said my homies. xDD
I needed to write a GermanyxReader...

I've been worried that I've been falling for France...

Sorry France...Germany is my #1. xD

Hetalia is not owned by me!
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The end
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