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February 10, 2013
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 It was a warm afternoon, warmer than it has been, giving the air a Springy feel to it. Walking around the corner, you spotted the house you sought and quickly rushed up to the door, knocking loudly against it. "Luddy! Hey Luddy!"

 Something suddenly rushed at you from the corner of your eye and knocked you over. Your head hit hard against the concrete and within seconds, you were being climbed over by three different dogs; two of which were rather large.

 Smiling, you began stroking their fur,"hey you guys! Long time no see! Why are you all outside though?"

 "______________?" Looking up, you met a pair or crystal blue eyes. "What are you doing here so early?"

 Shoving the Hovawart's snout out of your face, you smiled and tried getting up, unsteadily falling forwards. The German quickly took you in his arms, helping balance you. "They didn't hurt you, did they?"

 "Nah, I'm fine." You said, ignoring the pain in the back of your head with a flat lie. "What are you all doing outside though? Obviously you're not walking them."

 "I thought I'd take advantage of the nice weather and wash them." He noted simply, picking up the small dachshund and letting you stoke his hair. "That and Gil isn't anywhere near the house. Are you sure you're okay?"

 "Fine. Fine." You smiled, taking Blackie in your arms. "Let me help you at least then." He was about to interject when you spoke up again. "I'll be fine, I promise."

 "...if you insist." He led you to the back, the other two dogs following obediently at your heels. "Just don't push yourself too hard. I'll be damned if something were to happen..."

 "Calm down. How bad could it be?"

 Considering that you never really washed a dog before, it ended up worse than you predicted. The dogs, obedient as they usually were, were still hyped up due to your visit and were squirming and jumpy. They continually shook their fur and soaked you.

 But the worse was the pain ebbing through your head. The first few times, you ignored it but it soon became so bad, it blinded you and forced you to pause in your work. Germany would always ask if you were fine but you pushed it off and said you were okay.

 Then, you stood up and suddenly collapsed, holding your head. Germany must've come over (you couldn't hear with the blood pounding in your ears) because someone began to shake your shoulder.

 After a moment, you began to hear him speaking your name repeatedly. A moment passed and everything began to clear, you noticed you were being carried away slowly, your head against his chest. "L-Lud...?"

 "Don't talk, just relax." He hissed back, opening the back door. "Just remain calm, okay?"

 "I'm f-fine-"

 "You are most certainly not fine!" He snapped back angrily, making you flinch in pain. "Just keep quiet and quit causing problems!"

 Your body was laid on the couch limply and he ran off once more. Tears cornered your eyes and you quickly turned away from where he left. When he returned, he was quick to notice that your shoulders were shaking and rushed to your side, worried something was wrong.

 When you looked towards him, scared (e/c) eyes filled with tears, he simply pulled you into his embrace. "This is because I yelled at you, isn't it...?" He replied in a calm voice before nodding into his shirt. "I'm not mad...I'm just upset that you wouldn't just tell me you weren't feeling well...! Do you know how much I worry about you...!?"

 More tears began to spill, feeling even more guilty. He sat down, rubbing your shoulders gently. "Please...just tell me...if you honestly aren't feeling well-"

 "I just wanted to spend some time with you..." You choked, clutching onto him and leaning close. "B-Because you're always so busy...and I-I just wanted to stay the day..."

 He laid you down, resting your head on his lap as he gently combed through your (h/c) hair. "Honestly...if you're not feeling well...we could've figured out something else..."

 Nodding, you snuggled closer and began to nod off. He sighed but continued to brush your hair gently. "Just tell me next time..."


 Hours passed before you began to awaken. When you did, you noticed you were asleep with Germany's dogs laying at the end of the bed. "What are you guys doin' over there...?"

 The door opened a crack to reveal Germany standing there. "Oh, erm, good morning does your head feel...?"

 "Better..." You mumbled, relaxing in your spot once more. "I'm feeling better..."

 "I-If you want..." He spoke up, making you look towards him. "I-I mean, I was going to take them f-for a walk if you'd like to come..."

 "Yeah...I'd like that." You said softly, getting up and slowly going to his side shakily. He held you, looking worriedly towards you. "I-I'm sorry..."

 "How about we watch a movie then..." He whispered, holding you close. "It would be a good idea to relax..."

 Picking you up in his arms, he carried you down to the living room and sat you on the couch. Blackie jumped on the couch as Aster and Berlitz came up to you and begged for attention.

 Germany came back in, sitting down beside you and hugging you close while turning the TV on. He let you snuggle closer as you both picked a movie out. But barely halfway through the movie, you were asleep once more.

 Germany smiled softly and grabbed a blanket, throwing it over both of you. He held you close, allowing you to lean on his shoulder as he slowly succumb the sleep himself.
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