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April 21, 2012
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  Beep. Beep. Beep.

  Groggily searching for the cellphone which was making so much commotion in your room, you sought to silence it. When you opened your tired (e/c) eyes up a bit, you realized that you had slept in and suddenly woke up in fully attention. The caller ID on your phone? Germany.

  'Shit! He's probably gunna make me run twenty laps when I get there! Oh dear God! Save me!' Grabbing the phone with shaky hands, you half-expected yourself to pick up. But knowing that if you ignored the phone, you'd get a ten-hour lecture, you hit the green 'send' button. "H-hello...?"

  What you expected was an angered Germany lashing his attitude on you in a loud voice that would make your eardrums ring. What you got was completely unexpected,"J-Ja..._-________...? Can you tell *cough* Kiku and Feli that cancelled...?"

  A mental release of relief caused you to breath out a sigh. Germany must've taken this the wrong way and spoke up again,"Vell, I could c-call them meinself-" He started coughing once more and you were snapped into attentiveness.

  "I will. But...what about you? You don't sound that good." Gripping onto the cell with the other hand, you wanted to listen intently to what he would respond.

  It stayed silent for a moment and you worried that he might've thought of hanging up on you. "It's nozhing too serious...I vouldn't vaste mein time vorrying about meinself..."

  "But your sick! Is Prussia at least taking care of you?" Again the line went all too silent. It was like he had to think of the words to say, as if it were a test of something,"Ludwig..." You added in more pained.

  "I'm a grown man. I can take care of meinself-"

  "Oh no you can't!" You snapped a bit, feeling a bit of anger towards him. He was so clinical and it got old real quick. "I'm coming over right now and I do not want you to bitch about it!"

  "You have the day off-"

  "I don't care!" You cut off again. You could tell he was weak, otherwise he would've been yelling right back at you. Instead, his voice stayed low while you bossed him around (and truthfully, it was a victorious moment). "You need someone to help you Lud...and I'm not standing around when I can do something."

  Sitting up in your bed, you heard him sigh a bit on the other end and then, you believed, you distinctly heard him chuckle before it was droned out by coughing once more,"I-I really can't keep you from coming over, can I...?"

  "No, you can't~!" You said in a sing-song voice, happy that you had broken down the tough, serious German man who lay in bed on the other end of the phone. "I'll call Feli and Kiku too-"

  "'s bad enough *cough* I have you vorrying...don't make them trifle over this..."

  Unlike before, you felt compelled to comply with this demand,"I still need to, to tell them that we're not training."

  You felt him nod on the other end,"Ja...d-danke..."

  Smiling a bit, you let your legs dangle off the side of the bed and stand up,"Don't worry! I'll make sure you get better and have everything in your house in order!"

  You hung up before anything else was said and you started getting ready to go over. Speed-dialing Italy, you told him that training was cancelled and that he could continue sleeping.

  "Ve~ you better not be joking...!" He said in a moderately sleepy tone. He hung up without anything else being said, obviously wanting to get back to resting.

  While you packed an overnight bag (just in case), you did the same to Japan, telling him that he needn't worry about getting ready since he was up hours ago already.

  "Arigato...I've gotten a lot of work I need to catch up on." He said when you told him,"But why did Mr. Germany cancel training today?"

  "Well," You panicked, stopping yourself from packing your bag and sitting down a bit more comfortably. You scratched your chin, trying to think of a worthy excuse,"Something just came up...needed to travel or something. I don't know when he'll be back."

  "Hai, I understand completely." He said in a calm tone, making a weight lift off your shoulders. "Do you want me to tell Italy?"

  "Actually, tell him that we don't know when we train's kind of important that he knows and I completely forgot to say." You laughed nervously,"I'd appreciate it."

  "Hai, anything for my friends." He hung up the phone, making you drop it into the overnight bag and after packing a few last things, you ran off outside.

  You wanted to get there ASAP and make sure he was okay at least. You felt worried beyond belief suddenly and gave you the energy to get to him home relevantly fast.

  When you made it to him home, you knocked on the door once before stopping. If he wasn't feeling well, why drag him out of bed? Dropping your bag and reaching over the top of the door, you felt a cool piece of metal brush against your skin and a key clenched in your grasp.

  Turning the lock, you opened the door as silently as possible, listening to it groan as it opened. Gathering your things off the wood stoop, you stepped in to a greeting by Germany's three dogs. The biggest of the three, a rather intimidating Shepard became almost like a puppy as you stepped in. He easily knocked you to the floor and licked your face while his tail wagged excitedly.

  In the midst of a laughing fit, you managed to call the dog off in between laughs,"B-Blackie...! D-down...! D-down boy!" He backed down and the other two-a Doberman and a Hovawart-came over to inspect you. Sniffing you while you lifted your head off the ground as (h/l)(h/c) fell back into place.

  Putting a hand on the Doberman, you smiled a bit,"It's okay Berlitz. And you too Aster." You let your fingers hang and held one hand out in front of each dog to allow them to take your scent without feeling threat. After they had, the seemed relatively bored and padded off towards where Blackie sat.

  Standing up and grabbing your bag off the wood floors and looked around. Everything seemed relevantly untouched. "Germany...?" Walking into the halls, you wandered into a room you immediately assumed it was Prussia's. Just everything in there made it scream 'Prussian' which included the magazines that littered the bed, making you hurriedly rush out of the room. 'I did not need that mental image.'

  Rushing down the hall, you chose another room and saw just a plain bathroom, making you sigh for the umpteenth time in relief today seeing that it wasn't any more of Prussia's woman obsession...

  The next room you got into was Germany's. Sues enough, he was sleeping rather uncomfortably. Dropping the bag of overnight things at the doorway, you approached his bed and brushed the usually slicked-back blond hair on his forehead away, feeling his body temperature. 'He's burning up... you thought a bit melancholy.

  Leaving and managing to find a washcloth and a bowl, you filled cold water into the bowl and laid the washcloth in as you carried it to his room. You went in once more, placing the bowl atop a nightstand beside where he lay.

  You took the washcloth and wrung the freezing water out before brushing away the blond strands once more before placing the cloth on his forehead which caused him to wake up. His eyes shut tightly for a second before they opened a bit. It took a moment for his eyes to properly adjust to the light, and even then, he covered his icy blue eyes,"Turn off...the light...please..."

  Nodding, you dashed off to the switch and flicked the lights off. "Danke..."

  Walking back over to Germany, you knelt beside his bed,"Hey there sleep-head...need anything...?" His eyes went to the baggage that sat at the door though. You followed his gaze to it,"Oh, that's only if I need to stay overnight."

  He nodded a bit and relaxed a bit more. "Nein...I'm fine..." His hand weakly reached towards you and cupped your cheek, making your face turn red,"Danke..."

  "U-uh...d-did the dogs eat...? What do you want me to do...?"

  His hand fell off your face and beside him once more,"Nein...three scoops, in kitchen...danke..."

  You felt really bad about leaving him alone again now that he was awake,"Hang tight, I'll be right back, okay?" He nodded a bit and stifled a cough in his hand. "I'll get you some NyQuil while I'm at it too..."

  When you made it to the doorframe, he stopped you,"The guest room is one door to the right..." Nodding, you grabbed your things, tossed your things into the room and went out, feeding the three dogs. Then, you grabbed some medicine and a glass of cold water before headed back.

  He took the medicine without complaint and shut his eyes once more. Kneeling beside him, you laid one hand atop his. "I'm very grateful for you helping me today..."

  "I told Kiku and Feli that you had urgent business and I don't know when you'd be back." You said a bit enthusiastically, showing off a bit of pride,"So even if you're not feeling great tomorrow, you'll be able to relax again."

  He nodded and you decided to leave him alone. "I'll be in the living room. If you need anything...please, don't hesitate to ask for a second." You dismissed before walking out once more, shutting the door soundlessly behind you to allow him to sleep.

  Going back into the living room, you relaxed as the three dogs padded into the room, their claws scraping against the floors and their dog tags jingling as they hit against each other. Blackie licked your cheek and bit and you stroked his head as you stretched out on Germany's couch.

  Aster followed a bit behind in curiosity while Berlitz laid down while looking at you rather intensely before putting his head down and shutting his eyes. Stroking Aster's head, you found yourself lulling into sleep. It was still pretty early and the weather was dreadfully dreary out so without second thought, you fell asleep.


  You awoke several hours later in a daze. You had forgotten your purpose here nearly and the rain was pouring outside the door. All three dogs lay asleep beside you, not even noticing you arise.

  When you took a step, all their ears flickered and Berlitz looked up a bit before laying his head down a bit and relaxing. You knelt beside him and stroked his head a bit,"Good boy..."

  Going back down the halls, you went into Germany's room and sighed. He was asleep and had turned over, knocking the washcloth off his head. You took the warm cloth off the floor and laid it in the water once more.  You took it back to the kitchen and emptied out the water before coming back in to Germany's room.

  Feeling his forehead, you were relieved to find out his temperature was was decreasing. Kissing his cheek, you smiled,"Maybe we should take tomorrow off, just in case...?"

  "Nein..." He answered back to your surprise,"I need to keep you all under rap..."

  "Lud...if you're not fully better, I don't want you pushing yourself..." Placing a hand on his cheek as he did to you earlier. "I worry about you sometimes...a person can only push their body so far-"

  "I don't vant to be veak anymore..." He said pretty silently.  "I don't..."

  "When were you...ever weak...?" You asked a bit confused,"You and Prussia have been raising me for so long...I can't think of a time-"

  "I let Russia take away mein bruder...und I couldn't do anyzhing about it..." He said a bit in distraught,"I thought I vould never see him again..."


  "Ich liebe dich __________..." His voice picks up rather suddenly, making you slightly gasp,"I don't vant anyvone hurting you. I don't think I could ever forgive meinself..."

  Bringing his head to your chest, you stroked his blond hair lightly,"Don't ever worry about being weak...we all are one is immortal...not even us can't just overdo it."


  "Have you ever thought how I would feel if you got hurt or worse because your not resting your body...?" A tear slid down your face before you could possibly stop it,"I would feel so pained and guilty...I love you too Germany...I love you so much..."

  He moved away for a moment and before you knew it, you were in his arms, his hand tracing down the back of your (h/l)(h/c) hair with the utmost care. "I didn't know...vhy didn't you tell me sooner...? You can tell me anything..."

  "Sorry..." Leaning your forehead on his chest, you cried lightly as your shoulders shook and you quivered a bit. "I'm sorry..."

  He kissed your forehead a bit, tilting your head upwards and pressing his lips against your lightly. There wasn't much force behind it, still a bit weak with starting to get over his ailment but it was sweet nonetheless.

  Wrapping your arms around his neck, you returned the feelings simply. When you both pulled away in unison, you smiled at each other. The smile on Germany's face was small, but seeing as how he rarely ever relaxed and smiled (unless drunk), it was nice.

  You allowed him time to sleep alone and relax once more so you left him to watch tv for a bit, your heartbeat ceasing to slow down and a grin refusing to leave your face. "Man...I wish he got sick more often..."
I've been having Germany fan relapses...
So yea. XD

I don't own you or hetalia.
minus Germany bc he's mine.
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