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August 8, 2012
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  You walked down the halls aimlessly in the middle of the night. All you wore was an oversized, baggy tee which was (f/c), your favorite color. The shirt covered over your short pajamas pants.

  Clutching the bottom, you entered the living room to see Germany asleep with a book on his lap, his hand resting on top of it. A yawn escaped your lips but you made no attempt to stifle it, only the exhausted tears that followed which pricked at the corners of your eyes.

  Turning around, you went back into your room and grabbed a blanket and throwing it around your shoulders before scuffling back down the halls and onto the couch beside your German friend and ally before flopping your head onto his lap and waking him up with a start, hence, knocking you to the ground as he stood up from his spot.

  "Ow..." You murmured, trying to pull yourself up but falling too exhausted to even do that. "You're so mean Germany..."

  "Vell you should be sleeping in your own bett und not be bozering me vhile I sleep." He lifted you up with ease, laying you down on the couch,"Care to explain?"

  "I was tired and all that paperwork..." You muttered, resting your head on a pillow,"I don't want to be a country anymore. I hate all the paperwork...!"

  Germany placed a hand on his forehead, leaving it there momentarily before running it through his blond hair with a sigh,"I'm guessing zis means you didn't finish your papervork zen?"

  You looked towards him innocently as he heaved another sigh. "You're such a handful..." He softly muttered, was a smile in his voice when he spoke.

  Germany lifted you up, blanket and all and began carrying you away. You didn't question, knowing you'd be going back into your room anyway. What shocked you was when he passed your room and brought you into his room. You wouldn't question.

  He laid you down in his bed, the sheets so cold to the touch. There was no point in pulling the sheets over, you were already cocooned in a warm blanket anyway. Germany rested beside you, turned away from you on the bed.

  "Are you mad at me...?" You muttered, bringing your face deeper into the blanket which covered you. "I mean...about the paperwork...?"

  The room fell silent, nearly assuring you that he was upset about that. Turning away, you curled up and hid your face. It was no secret that you had a soft spot for the German and no one loved to poke at this more than Prussia did, but you always knew it would never work out.

  Without warning, you felt two strong arms wrap around you. His head slid onto your shoulder and he whispered into your ear, sending chills down your spine,"Nein..."

  You turned over to face him properly, looking deep into his icy blue eyes. "Are you sure...?"

  "Vell, I'm a bit upset but I don't hate you." You looked away disheartened,"I couldn't hate you...liebling, vhy are you so vorried that I hate you...?" Biting your lip, you took a second to ponder whether or not to just tell him. He cupped your cheek and pulled your face back towards his,"Liebling..."

  "I...I love...y-you..." You stammered, bringing your face to his chest and curling up. "I've always really liked you Germany..."

  "Ludvig..." He muttered, causing you to bring your head up,"You don't need to call me Germany...just Ludvig." His lips pressed softly against your forehead. "Ich liebe dich auch...mein liebling...gut nacht..."

  Smiling, you kissed his lips softly and nodded off to sleep beside him.


  "Yo Vest!" Prussia blared as he broke into his little brother's room...again. Only the sight he was faced with when entering was his little brother laying in bed, his arm wrapped around your form as you snuggled up to him.

  Leaning on the doorframe, he couldn't help but smile. "Good job really are mein bruder, aren't you....?"
I know...I was told to have something to do with camp but I seriously had no idea how to do that. I've never actually been away to camp so...yea.

Part of my art trade with :iconhetalialover345:
Again, if you don't like it, then just tell me and I'll redo it for you.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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