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December 12, 2012
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 The German man looked around, only seeing white surround him. The sky was grey and the ground was covered in a thin layer of snow. As he walked, he could hear the snow crunch beneath his combat boots of black.

 Up ahead, he spotted a figure laying on the ground. Seeing some chance to not be alone, he rushed through the snow, the familiar weight of all his military-grade equipment and clothing on top of him.

 He began to make out who it was as he came nearer and by the time he was in front of the figure, he was collapsing to his knees. A beautiful young woman, the country of (country name) laying strewn on the ground.

 From her mouth which hung agape trickled a fresh stream of blood. Her uniform was torn by bullets and some sort of sharp object that was used to stab at her. Most of her beautiful (h/c) hair was chopped of and beneath her in the reddened snow. What hurt him most was her beautiful (e/c) eyes staring into the distance with no trace of life within, looking into some unknown force the living could not see.

 Slowly, he slipped his hand beneath her head, gently pulling her head close to his chest. Her body was cool, her bodily heat not yet gone. The blood from her wounds began to seep through his clothes, running on his skin.

 He put his hand to his forehead, running it slightly through his hair. His eyes darted madly for some sort of answer of help. About who could've done this to the young nation or someone who would be able to save her short life.

 Nothing was there but the two. No, rather, he was alone. Placing her head back on the snowy blanket in which she died upon, he noticed the blood on his hands and tried wiping it off. It was almost as if the blood, sticky and gooey was attached to his skin.

 Desperately, he began rubbing his bloodied fingers in the cold snow until his own hands turned purple from cold. Tears welled up in his eyes, defenseless to what just happened. They slowly fell from his eyes, his hands gnawing at the ground until his fingers were bleeding.

 He opened his mouth to let out a cry of some sort, whether it be for help or of agony he wouldn't question. But no noise came out. The silence began to paralyze him in fear. So much he needed to say, not a noise to be heard anywhere around him.

 Brushing the girl's face, he tried speaking to have not a single noise. And the sad reality that she was gone set in.


 Germany shot up in his bed, his blond hair tousled in every which direction, his blue eyes widened in initial shock and fear and a cold sweat covering his body. His hands were clutching onto his hair, pulling it slightly. Turning his attention next to him, he saw you facing away from him.

 Lightly grabbing your shoulder, he turned you over to see your face showing utmost peace, your mouth slightly open with a glossing of drool to the side. He quickly saw the image of your face in his dream and quickly tried to push it out of his mind.

 'No...she's sleeping perfectly fine right next to me.' He thought with a small smile, planting a kiss on your cheek. The contact awakening you from your peaceful dream.

 Your (e/c) eyes opened to see your fiancée staring down at you. At first, you smiled but then you noticed the distraught look in his eyes. Lazily lifting yourself up, you leaned against him still half-asleep.

 He chuckled softly, giving you a kiss on your head. "Luddy...? You were having that bad dream again, weren't you...?" His body stiffened and you rested your head against his chest. "I'm right here Ludwig...I'm not leaving you anytime soon..."

 "I'm okay." He said, brushing your forearm gently. His voice sounded a bit more alive which made you feel slightly better. "How about we just go downstairs and have some coffee. Gilbert said he'd be here early."

 Smiling, you rolled your eyes and pulled him down on the bed. "I don't wanna get out of bed Ludwig. Gilbert has the house keys if he gets here and the door is locked."

 Germany lightly smiled, pressing his lips gently against yours. "It doesn't work that way. I'll put a candy cane in it if you want."

 You pouted,"But it's so nice and warm in bed..."

 He chuckled lightly, kissing your lips again and sitting up. "It's Christmas Day tomorrow. We can sleep in as long as we want then. But tonight we have guests and we need to show them that our household is in order."

 "Luddy, you're more of a housewife than I'll even be." You joked, letting him pull you up into his arms. "But I love that about you."

 He took you in his arms bridal-style and walked you out to the living room and plopped you on the couch. You howled with laughter as he literally threw you on the cushions.

 He even chuckled himself, coming over and placing a kiss on your cheek as he went off to make you some coffee.

 Looking around your decorated home, you couldn't help but smile. The tree was lit and small decorations were scattered around the house. It was a long time since you've actually decorated the house for Christmas but with guests coming over tonight, you felt a need to jazz it up.

 Germany came back in with two mugs of coffee, one with a candy cane sticking out of it. Giggling, you watched as he set the mugs in front of you on the coffee table. "Why thank you Ludwig."

 He sat beside you, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and pulled you closer. Picking up your coffee, you took a sip and smiled. He chuckled, seeing the foam mustache that formed on your upper lip. Crossing your eyes to see what was making him so happy only made him happier, a light blush dusting on his cheek.

 "You have something on your lip _________." He said with a laugh. Leaning in, his lips pressed gently against yours. He pulled away, his eyes filled with happiness. Again, his lips connected with yours.

 The door flew open, separating you both quickly. Prussia was standing there, looking at you two with a smug grin. "Don't mind me! Just dropped in to say Merry Christmas to my little bro and soon to be sister in-law."

 "Gil!" You squealed with a grin, tossing a pillow at him. "Give us a few more minutes!"

 He shut the door behind him and smiled, coming over to you both and slumping down on the couch beside you both. Prussia messed up his brother's hair much to his annoyance. "How's it hangin' West!? You never tell your big bro anything anymore!"

 Running one hand through his hair, he slicked it back into place,"Maybe if you would take my life seriously, I wouldn't be so keen on not letting you in on anything-"

 "Oí! She's wearing the engagement ring!" Prussia suddenly snapped, taking your hand and examining it. "You were supposed to propose tonight! When everyone was here!"

 "It's my fault." You explained, leaning on Germany. "I kind of got curious and opened up the wrong present. In the end, he asked for my hand. Don't get mad at him."

 His face held distraught, looking towards both of you with smiles on your faces. "But I wanted to be there!" He whined. "That's not fair! I was the one who helped you pick out the diamond and everything!"

 "You'll be the best man," Germany growled, slightly annoyed by his brother already. "Stop your whining. We're announcing it before dinner, okay?"

  "It's not the same..." He pouted, crossing his arms like a child.

 You patted his back. "Don't be so upset. You're the first one to find out anyway. You should feel even more honored."

 The Prussian's face lit up and he began to go on again. Germany took your hand and gently squeezed it. He leaned over and whispered in your ear,"Ich liebe dich."

 Leaning back, you kissed his chin. "Ich liebe dich auch..."

 "Hey, are you two even listening...?"
Is it 12 pipers piping?
Drummers drumming i think.

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