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August 28, 2012
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Time stands still
beauty in all she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything 
Take away


  Holy Rome lay defeated in the midst of a battlefield, France's bloodied sword which had pierced him laying strewn beside him in a pool of his own blood.

  Breaths came in as raspy, short puffs, cutting off more every second he tried to inhale. Though, the only image he could see was of Italy standing there in the middle of a field of flowers, smiling towards him and waving her hand.

  He could even hear her. "Holy Rome! I made you a pretty crown of flowers I found in the field! Come here!" he watched as she reached her hand out towards him, his own hand extending to nothing but air, the image of his beloved dancing in front of him.

  "What if she saw me now?" He mumbled under his breath, reaching out to grab his hat. The push broom Italy gave him burnt down with his tent in a battle along with her portrait. Looking back towards the sky, he felt tears dribbling down his face.

  "Holy Rome! What's wrong!?" She cried out, gripping his cloths and crying into them. "Please don't die Holy Rome! You promised that y-you'd come back! I love you Holy Rome! Please...!"

  He reached out again to have nothing before him once more. "I love you too Italy...i-it's just my time-" Holy Rome had to stop to cough up blood, not caring that it dribbled down his chin. "I-I have to go..."

  Those happy days, just seeing them made more tears surface from his blue eyes. All he wanted was to see her once more, to tell her goodbye for real this time. What would she say when she found out?


What's standing in front of me
Every breath, 
Every hour has come to this

One step closer


  With his strength quickly fading and life leaving him, he took the last sharp inhale he would take and yelled out to the sky,"I'm sorry Italy! I'm sorry I can't come back to see you again! I love you more than you know! I...I always...always..." He reached into the clouding skies once more, trying to grab her image once more before it fell limply to the ground.

  The second it hit the gravel, a drop of rain fell from the sky, landing on his paled face by the rim of his eye, running down the side as tear would've. Italy wouldn't ever learn of the fate that beheld Holy Rome.

  As he grew up, people told him to give up on his safe return. Painful memories began to repress and vanish. Then one day while waiting in a tomato box for German advances, he met a German man and nearly sobbed. At first glance, he thought his first love had found him once more.

  Germany and him grew close over the years and the stabbing memories became faded behind all the good times with Germany and Japan. Every day, he cherished their friendship, thinking the good times would never end. That was, until the end of the war.


I have died everyday
Waiting for you
Darlin' don't be afraid
I have loved you for a
Thousand years
I'll love you for a 
Thousand more


  "Germany!" Italy cried, seeing the beaten country and his older brother in front of him. America and France held him back from his frantic pleas. They had been beaten badly. Japan lay seemingly dead in his house and Germany was severely injured.

  "Please! Let me see Germany! Please-!"

  "I-Italy..." The German looked up, his usually slicked hair falling in his face. And a smile on his face. "Don't vorry about me...I-I'll be fine...I promise..."

  "But you can't leave me Germany!" England came up behind the muscular man and grabbed him by the collar of his torn green uniform. Germany stood as if a dog on a leash. "Germany!"

  "Stop Italy..." He whispered, looking pitifully at his only friend in the world. "I don't want ze last memory of you to be you crying..."

  "G-Germa...You can't kill him! No! Please!" Russia literally leashed Prussia on the neck. France let go of Italy's arms, America holding him in place. "Please America! can't! Please!"

  "Can't we just give them a minute?" America suggested to England,"Just a minute!"

  "Fine..." He spit, causing the American to let him go.

  Quickly, he took off, holding onto Germany tightly,"I'm gunna miss you Ludwig...I don't want you to go away...I-I..." Unable to say more, he sobbed into his green jacket.

  Germany shifted slightly, pulling off his iron cross necklace and putting around Italy's neck. Pressing his forehead against Italy's he looked seriously into his eyes. "I promise zat I'll be back to take mein necklace back..."

  "Ludwig..." Italy mumbled, grabbing at his chest,"It hurts..."

  Lifting his head slightly, he placed his lips softly against the Italian's. He could taste pasta and smell seasonings. The last reminder he would have of Italy for a long time.

  England kicked Italy off of Germany and pulled the German to his feet,"Time to go."

  "Ja..." Turning back, he looked at the Italian sitting on the dirt with confusion,"Italia, ich liebe dich..."

  "G-Germany...I-I love you too Germany! I-I'll be waiting for you...! I-I'll be waiting..."


One step closer
One step closer


  Germany helped Italy off of his seating, letting him stand on his own two feet,"How about zis; hold onto zis for me." Reaching to the back of his neck, he produced the necklace from all those years ago. The one Italy held for him during the division of his country.

  Slipping it into his open palms, Italy smiled, moving closer to the taller German. He never actually caught up to his height. It still felt like a disadvantage, even now.

  Italy's arms wrapped around Germany's neck, pulling their lips together. He half expected England to come and kick him off his lover once more like that one day.

  Pulling away, Italy smiled while putting the necklace on,"Germany...?"

  "Vhat's wrong?"

  "It doesn't hurt anymore."


I have died everyday
Waiting for you
Darlin' don't be afraid,
I have loved you for a
Thousand years
I'll love you for a
Thousand more


  Germany took it upon himself to carry the now exhausted and sleeping Italian to his car, drive him back to his own home and let him sleep in his bed like he loved so much. Sure it was pestering at first, but he had grown to miss the Italian's presence in the years they were separated.

  Looking up towards the sky, he could see the image of a little, a young Italy wearing a maid dress and holding his hand out. As if by instinct, he reached out towards him, nearly dropping the real Italy in the process.

  "Holy Rome!" He cried with the usual smile on his face sticking,"I made you a pretty crown of flowers I found in the field! Come here!"

  Soft voices played in his head, the most notable was a young boy crying out,"I'm sorry Italy! I'm sorry I can't come back to see you again! I love you more than you know! I...I always...always..."

  "I alvays have und vill love you Italia..." Germany finished, glancing towards the Italy that lay asleep in his arms. "I've always liked you since the 10th century you know..."

  Again, Italy's girly, high-pitched voice was heard in his head. "I'll be waiting! I'll be waiting for you! I'll make lots of sweets and wait for you! We'll see each other again for sure, okay? For sure, okay?"

  Once more, the other boy's voice was heard,"No matter how many years pass," The words sounded so familiar to him, before the voice could even finish, he ended the sentence.

  "I vill like you ze most in ze vorld..."

  'Zhat's right...I'm ze Holy Roman Empire...'

The end
Okay, the italics is a flashback.
So mainly, this is all flashback.


I don't own Hetalia!
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the feels have come. They're drowning me...... You did such a fantastic job, but I think my feels just exploded.
DubstepCat May 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoa what
I've never heard of these HRE=Germany stories
Must read more of these >:l
sillystorm28 May 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I need a shitload of tissues T_T
hanyouwannabe Sep 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
T_T words cannot describe how much I loved this.
Marigold451 Sep 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
dawww... *sniffs* best germany=hre fanfic ever... amazing...
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