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August 27, 2012
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Heart beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave


  Italy looked across the meeting room towards Germany, lowering his head slightly. Something always pricked at the back of his mind whenever he looked towards the muscular blond German man.

  His eyes moved over onto his form, causing the Italian to flinch in surprise. Those eyes always reminded himself of Holy Rome, his childhood friend and sweetheart.

  Not even caring if Germany was looking, he let the pads of his fingers brush against his lips. Somewhere in his heart, Italy knew that Holy Rome was long gone and even if he did end up being the same person, Germany's memories have long since faded.

  Thinking this, a smile tugged his lips gently. He didn't want it any other way than the way things were now. They were friends, always together through thick and thin. Germany always looked out for him and if he could, he'd look after and assist the German in any way he could.

  Bringing himself back into the atmosphere of the meeting, he noticed all was calm and that every single pair of eyes was turned on him,"Well, what are you sitting around like an idiota for fratello!?"

  The older sibling's voice shocked the younger Italian. Glancing back towards Germany for any sort of help, he saw him looking away almost shamefully. Tears began to prick the edges of his closed eyes,"I-I'm sorry...what did you say?"

  "Ve vere asking about ideas zat might help stimulate economy in Europe." His shoulders lowered and his heart sank as the German spoke harshly towards him. "If you veren't so busy daydreaming, zen maybe you vould've known."

  "Quit trying to act so macho you potato-sucking bastard!" Romano piped up, even going so far as to putting a comforting hand on his brother's shoulder,"You have no right to scold my fratello!"

  "Maybe if he vasn't-"

  "Maybe if you actually paid attention!" Romano quickly cut off. "Obviously, he was thinking about something in that empty brain of his! And fratello, if I find out you were thinking about pasta, I'm giving you marmite* for a month!"
*Marmite: British food made from yeast and vegetable extract


How can I love when I'm afraid
To fall


  Italy held his tongue for the rest of the meeting, the only one seeming to notice was Germany. By the time he was walking out of the meeting room, he had developed genuine worry for his zesty little friend.

  He recalled the Italian leaving various times during the meeting after that one embarrassing moment, his brother even escorting him at one point. Again, no one seemed to notice.

  Walking down the filtering halls, he tried to spot any signs of Italy auburn hair in the hopes to console him (to the best of his abilities that is). Unfortunately, he wasn't able to spy heads or tails of him.

  Brushing through the other nations, he went towards the bathroom in hopes that maybe he was hiding away until everyone left. Pushing in the door, he heard whimpering, nearly muffled by the sound of the various nations walking and engaging in conversation outside the door.

  Italy sat in a stall, not even bothering to lock the door. Germany was mad at him and there was no way he would ever like him back. The thought of the German's beautiful blue eyes aiming coldly towards him sent more tears down his cheek.

  Ever since Italy was younger, he was loosing those closest to him. First he lost Rome, then Romano left, and then Holy Rome left. If Germany left him too, his heart was surely shatter.

  The stall door creaked open, causing him to look up and see Germany staring, a hurt expression in his eyes. "L-Ludwig...g-go away...I want to be alone for awhile..."

  "Nein." Germany stated firmly yet gentle tone to keep him from getting even more upset. He easily lifted Italy off his spot and carried him to the sink, sitting him down on the marble tabletops.

  Germany pulled a few paper towels from the dispenser to his right and began dabbing the salt tears away from the Italian's face. Both of them kept their eyes from connecting. Italy just watched the top of his German's perfectly slicked-back blond hair.


But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt
Suddenly goes away somehow

One step closer


  More tears surfaced as he watched the now agitated German wipe his face dry. "I'm so sorry Germany..." He lifted his head up, curious as to why Italy was suddenly being so formal. "I-If you're mad at me, I'll just go..."

  Watching as he began to cry again, he let out an annoyed sighed,"Vill you stop crying!? I'm trying to help you-!" Germany quickly noticed Italy cringing at the sound of his voice and switched to a different approach. "Do you vant to talk about zis?"

  "Y-You hate me..." He mumbled, pressing his forehead atop his head. "A-And you're gunna leave me like Grandpa Rome and Holy Rome...and I'm g-gunna be all alone again...!" Italy clamped a hand over his chest, clamping his fingers on the fabrics,"It hurts Germany..."

  Germany let his hand press over Italy's, taking it off and trapping it in both of his. Italy looked up at him, blinking tears out of his eyes. "Please stop crying und calm down. I...I don't like seeing you like zis." Italy nodded, sniffling his nose. "I von't leave you...I promise I'll never leave you. Und if I do, I promise I'll come back-"

  Germany watched as a painful expression befell Italy's face. Once more, he began not only crying, but bawling. He managed to break free of the German's grip only to cling himself onto the German's shoulders, burying his face in his shoulder.

  Germany, seeking no other way of helping him, wrapped his arms around Italy's smaller, slender body. "H-Holy Rome p-promised...he promised h-he'd be back...! I-I don't want you to leave again...! Please..."

  "I von't." He stated simply, brushing a comforting hand through Italy's auburn hair soothingly. "If zat vill make you happy, I promise I von't ever leave if it makes you smile..."


I have died everyday
waiting for you
Darlin' don't be afraid
I have loved you for a
Thousand years
I'll love you for a
Thousand more


  Italy looked up, golden eyes open and tears making them glisten. "Y-You mean it Ger- erm...Ludwig...?"

  "Ja, I mean it." His lips pressed softly against Italy's forehead, not really a meaningful kiss just more so Italy would understand he's not alone.

  "Germany...?" The German grunted in response. "Ti amo..."

  A small smile tugged the edges of Germany's lips, happy to see his friend was back to his good old self. "Ich liebe dich auch..." He held Italy closer, scared that if he didn't, he might escape him. "I don't know vhat I'd do vithout you..."

  Though he knew already. All too well.

To be continued...
The song used is called A Thousand Years by Christina Perry.

I am doing two parts. The beginning of this is already making me cry. Omg, you need to listen to the song while reading it...

I heard this song and thought HRE/GermanyxItaly.

I needed to.

I don't own Hetalia!
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