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December 12, 2011
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  You stand outside the door of a new classroom very nervously. You were a really shy girl at heart but you knew that you would be able to put on a brave face and act in a completly different manner upon stepping into the classroom.

  You had moved many times before and pulled of many different acts. But now, you knew you would be here for the remainder of your high school year; considering you were in a private school with dorms.

  You sighed as you noticed a long-haired blond with blue eyes stepped up to the door. He went for the doorknob but stopped to look over at you. You flinched, grabbing the hem of your skirt nervously and looking at the ground.

  "Will you go in you bloody git!?" You hear a pissed off British boy say from behind. You looked up at him, he had messy short blond hair, green eyes and weird eyebrows. You wanted to laugh a bit.

  You felt the long-haired guy tear his gaze from you,"S-sorry mon ami," He said nervously in a French accent, rubbing the back of his neck. With that, they dissapeared into the classroom.

  You stood outside when the bell rang. Your teacher had given you instructions to wait outside until you were called in. In the meanwhile, you fixed your uniform up a bit and tied your [h/c] hair up into a ponytail.

  "We are welcoming a new student today. She came all the way from [wherever]," You saw the teacher looking at you and motioning you in.

  Slightly grabbing the doorknob, you let yourself in. You walked in very gracefully, poised and compose; you were in a high-class school, you wanted to be cool and compose.

  You curtsied gently once you made it to the front of the class, looking at all the blank faces stairing at you,"Nice to meet you," You said in a monotone voice,"My name is ______."

  You seemed to imress the class and you turn your head over to the teacher,"Where might I be sitting?"

  She seemed a bit shocked,"O-over there, next to Francis."

  Nodding back at her, you made your way to the empty seat beside the guy who was next to you before. You felt your face getting a bit red, there was something about him.

  A rose suddenly appears on your desk. You look over to see Francis holding it out to you,"Mon chéri?"

  Stairing at the beautiful red petals, you were tempted to reach out and grab it like you normally would but you had to keep this act up. Aware of this, you smack the rose out of his hand.

  When it hit the ground, you looked at him with cold [e/c] eyes,"While it may look beautiful on the outside, it hides thorns that can easily peirce the skin." You watched as he picked it up off the floor,"Don't give me anything that can show a painful sign of affection."

  You looked around and noticed everyone was watching you and Francis. You wanted to hide,'I-I didn't want to be so mean...' You think, but hold an unreadable face,"Pardon the intrusion m'am. Please continue."


  During your lunch break, the teacher leaves the classroom while all the students began eating. Surrounded by many new people, you felt happy but were unable to show it. All these girls were asking you questions about where you used to live, there mustn't have been many new students during the school year.

  You see the messy-haired blond come up to you,"So you actually told off that French bastard," He held his hand out as to shake yours,"Arthur Kirkland."

  You slid your hand into his gently and were quite suprised when he kissed it lightly.

  "Mon ami, she doesn't wish to be aquainted with you," A voice says from behind as Francis stuck something in your hair gently. You reached up to feel it lightly and pulled a small chrry blossom from your hair. 'He must've mistunderstood. No flowers.'

  Aruthur was a bit pissed off at this action,"She doesn't like you, you know? Why do you think she'd act so cruelly around you." Arthur sounded like he was boasting as if you like him. You really didn't.

  Francis walked over and leaned over him, his was a bit taller and looked more intimidating. Anger flared in both of their eyes. You leaned over to talk to the girl next to you,"Does this happen alot?" You say, a bit more like youself.

  "Only every day."

  You sighed,'This might be the start of a very long year.' You think while all hell breaks loose in front of you.

  You rest your elbow on your desk and place your cheeck on your hand,"Both of you," You said completly void of emotions. They both stop to look at you,"I don't like you. Or you." You pointed to each when you said that.

  You stood up, pissed off now and slammed your hands on the desk,"Don't even GET any ideas that I DO though. You both are nucences." You pulled your hairtie out and let your [h/c] hair sweep across your shoulders,"If you don't mind," You walked out of the classroom.

  You make it out the door before you bolt to around the corner. You fall to the floor like your normal clumsy self but fail to pick yourself up, your knee scraped up and your forehead throbbing.

  Tears raced down your cheecks and you felt your face getting red. 'W-why did I say that...?! Am I really this shallow?!' You feel horror well up in you, thinking about what extreams you were going to just to be accepted.

  Then, you see a hand extended out to you. You looked up to see Francis standing you,"Mon chéri?"

  You grabbed his hand and he pulled you up suddenly,'H-he's stronger then he looks,' You think to yourself.

  Francis knelt on the floor to get a better look at your face,"Such a beautiful flower hiding behind the thorns," He said as he wiped your face off,"I thought you were acting differently this morning."

  You shook your head,"N-no...t-that's not really me."

  "Mon chéri, that was obviously the real you," He said smiling gently,"But you were alot cuter then."

  You blushed and averted his gaze. Taking a step away from him, you stubbornly reply,"I think that side of me is stupid and childish."

  He pulled your face to his and kissed your lips gently. Not being able to react to this sudden shocking motion, you shut your eyes and gently kiss him back.

  He pulled back and you looked at him with wide eyes and a red face,"______, je t'aime," You looked at him a bit confused,"Parlez-vous français?"

  You knew that phrase from pure knowledge,"N-no..."

  "Then allow me to teach you," He said gently,"Je t'aime," He repeated slowly before kissing you a bit more passionatly this time. He pulled you a bit closer to him and then pulled away,"You undertand?"

  You nodded slowly and sighed romantically,"Y-yea..."
I can't make a perverted reader...even when using France...

And I still HAD to do something against him too...
It's like a natural reaction. xD

Smack the rose outta his hand!

And France and England fight, big shock. -.-'
Sarcasm, no?

I don't own Hetalia!
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