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November 22, 2012
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 It was circulating all over the news. Headlines in well-known magazines and newspapers read something on the lines of,"International Superstar Antonio Carriedo in the Hospital."

 Seeing the magazine articles made you laugh. All the girls were more worried about his international tour then his 'assumed' bad health. And by 'assumed,' you meant that he didn't have bad health.

 Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, one of the biggest stars to the majority of the female population, was your best friend. He wasn't in the hospital. You were. And since being brought in, he hasn't left your side.

 The nurses wouldn't allow anyone to see him or you, trying to keep the paparazzi out of you hairs. He really would've rather had some private time with you seeing as what happened.

 Voice voice was stolen from you. No, that doesn't really sound right. Someone took your voice away from you. Stabbed you in the throat when you tried to scream for help and shredded your vocal cords to bits.

 Antonio managed to find you, actually calling him by accident and him being able to quickly find you with a tracking system. By then it was too late and the worst damage had been done. You were laying on the ground, bleeding out while they stole your money.

 Antonio's bodyguard, Lovino, caught the two and took them to jail while he waited with you for the EMT to come and take you to a hospital. If it weren't for him, you would've bled to death.

 The only thing was, you would never be able to speak anymore. He couldn't forgive himself for not getting there quickly and letting this happen to you but you found a way to convince him that it wasn't his fault.

 At night, he held you until you fell asleep, usually singing a Spanish lullaby from his childhood. Needless to say, it seemed to always bring you under relatively quick.

 Antonio sat there, brushing your (h/c) hair gently, humming softly and singing just as delicately when he needed to. Then he stopped. "__________, I've been speaking with tu madre lately...and she wants you to come with me on the international tour..."

 You opened your mouth to interject but nothing came out. Antonio took your hands gently and gave a small squeeze. "She says it might help clear your mind if you come with me...I'll get us a teacher to learn sign-language. We can help each other and...por favor...?"

 He gave you his best puppy eyes and you couldn't help but smile and nod. They lightened up and he engulfed you in a brief hug. "I promise that it'll all work out for us! No one will complain about it, I promise!"

 You nodded, leaning your head on his chest. He chuckled and climbed up on the crummy bed beside you, holding you as you fell asleep and transitioning from Spanish to English. "And when we go to Madrid, I can show you mi casa. Pero, mis padres no te gusta when I drop in randomly. Oh well...!"

 You giggled and snuggled into his chest. "I'll postpone the tour until you're released and then we'll go together."

 Again, you nodded and started falling asleep. "Buenos noches __________."


 About a month later, you were on your way to Europe. Toni had done as promised and hired a signing teacher to teach you both even while you were recuperating.

 He didn't fare well with the new teachings but you caught on rather fast and began showing him on your own time how to form the letters. It was nice spending time with Antonio too, your hands holding his to show how to form the letters right, snuggling with him on plane rides, sleeping beside him every night and having him speak to you.

 Then the places you visited were amazing. You met Lovino's (Antonio's bodyguard) younger brother Feliciano on your trip to Italy. He was so sweet and kind, unlike his older brother who would yell at Antonio.

 Many of the places you went to, you were able to have a day to spend with Antonio. Then it was on the plane, lessons, sleep and then concert then repeat. Still, Antonio spent as much time as he could with you. During his shows, you would stand behind stage with Lovino and watch in amazement.

 Then Antonio would walk off stage and give you a sweaty and warm hug while laughing at your disgusted reaction. Lovino started growing closer to you as well and eventually stated scolding the man for doing that.

 Usually by the time you were on the plane, you'd fall asleep soon after your lesson, if not, in the middle of it. You made a habit of falling asleep on Antonio's shoulder.

 Soon enough, you made it to the last stop-Madrid. Antonio promised you a few weeks here at his old home after the last concert but made sure you were well-rested.

 When he was preparing, he told you he had a special surprise. "I want you to put on something really nice and watch me tonight. I'm sure you'll love it."

 Confused, you just went to change quick, looking nicer but not overly-dressed. Lovino was completely silent, just watching you as people got ready for the longest time.

 Antonio came beside you, kissing both your cheeks for luck before he had to go out. Only, he usually made a different appearance when he came on stage. Outside, you could hear the masses crying his name repentantly,"An-to-ni-o!"

 He stepped up on stage, waving as all the fans screamed in excitement. As he did, Lovino took your hand and gave a small shadow of a smile. "Hello! Yes! Sí! Hola chicas!"

 When they began to settle, he began jabbering on in Spanish to the point where you completely gave in on trying to understand. You were seriously beginning to wonder what was going on when he stopped talking, looking towards you and then towards the giant screen behind him which should've been of him.

 Instead, an image flashed on of you in your middle school production where you and Antonio were the leads. Your cute little voice singing. Then it transformed to when you did the same production in high. Your voice grew more beautiful as it continued.

 Antonio's voice join in soon, singing gently along with the recording. He looked towards you backstage where you were clutched onto Lovino in shock. He shoved you forward, sending you on stage.

 Everyone fell silent, eyes glued to you expectantly. Slowly, you went towards Antonio and quickly threw your arms around him, crying silently into his chest. " shouldn't be crying right now..."

 Pulling away, you looked weakly towards him. "Te amo..."

 The whole crowd 'awwww'ed at this, some in happiness, others in downfall. In a moment, his lips were pressed gently against yours, his arms being the only thing keeping you up anymore.

 Once he pulled away, you were shakily able to sign back,"I love you too."

 He smiled and kissed your forehead. "Lovino is going to take you back in...okay...? I'll be with you right after I finish the show..."

 You nodded and waited until Lovino came over to help you away. He got you sitting down and barked at some of the stagehands to get you some water. Unintentionally, you signed to him saying that you were fine but he didn't understand.

 He forced you to drink something before moving you into Antonio's dressing room to let you lay down on one of the couches. "Bella, you're okay?" You nodded. "He's been planning this since the beginning of the tour. He really does care for you..."

 Smiling, you shut your eyes for what seemed like a few minutes. Soon enough, you were being awoken by Antonio, his green eyes full of happiness. Before you could wake up, he was pulling you into a hug.

 "Do you really love me...?"

 You nodded, shutting your eyes again. His lips pressed against your cheek as he lifted you up bridal-style and began to carry you out. "I told them that it was you in the should be all over the news in a few hours. But for now...I think we need a break. Lovi is staying with us too, okay?"

 You nodded again, not wanting to stay awake much longer. Antonio carried you to his tour bus. It was warm out but not uncomfortable. He carried you to the tour bus, speaking with others but keeping in mind that you were there.

 Eventually, you were laying down, the Spanish man gone. He came back later, picking you back up. You gently hit his chest in detest. "I know...I'm bringing you to the back of the bus so that we can sleep..."

 You nodded as he stripped off your shoes and tucked you under the sheets before joining you. You snuggled closer, not wanting to do much of anything. His lips pressed softly against your temple as the bus began rolling,"I do love you ___________..."

 "I love you too..." You signed back, not knowing if he was looking towards you or not. His hand pressed your face near his chest as you moved away from one night that many wont soon forget.
I have a lot of things written and even a few stories.
Sorry, I have to make it quick because people are coming in. Of course I choose the moment people come to submit stories, huh?

B thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving!

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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This is so relatable because I actually know sign language, and I am either talking in bits or silent(usually silent), so…you can pretty much see how relatable this is…!

Loved the story!
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Why aren't there more fanfics with sign language? It'd be really cute to see...
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