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December 10, 2012
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 It was a quiet Christmas morning, the boys busy playing with their new toys and the guests hours away from arriving. Arthur sat on the couch beside you, snuggling closer to you.

 Both of you were sitting in front of the couch by your fireplace, the tree lit up beside you and both of you curled together in sweaters. You held tea in your hands and the house danced with gentle Christmas music.

 Arthur gently made you put your tea down and stood up, holding his arm out. You giggled, taking it and letting one hand hold your and the other on your waist. Taking his shoulder, he began guiding you in a gentle dance.

 "I can't remember the last time we've danced." He said gently, kissing your cheek. "Obviously it was before the boys came along."

 "You say it like they're a bad thing." You breathed, kissing his cheek. "You were so happy when you found out it was twins. You know...after you woke up from your shock-induced coma."

 He blushed, trying to hide his face. "You're never going to let that one go, are you?"

 "The boys already know their dad passed out." You giggled, kissing his nose. "I was shocked too, don't be so upset."

 You wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing your lips against his. "Don't be so cruel Artie..." You said gently, giving him another quick kiss. "You're a good father..."

 "Ew! Mom! That's so gross!" Looking by the stairs, you noticed Alfred poking his head out through the bars. His brother, Matthew, was waiting cautiously behind, hugging his new stuffed teddy bear in his arms. "Don't kiss daddy!"

 "Al..." Arthur said with a slight edge of annoyance.

 You kissed Arthur's cheek, making his quiet down and both children squeal in disgust. "Alfred, it's perfectly normal for mommies and daddies to kiss, I've told you this before."

 "It's still gross!" He replied, running down the stairs in his Captain America pajamas. "Me and Matt don't wanna see you two kissing!"

 You chuckled and picked him up, lifting him above your head. "Looks like my little man is jealous. He wants my kisses, doesn't he?" You began kissing his cheeks, making him squeal and laugh at the same time.

 Arthur grabbed Matthew, talking to him for his bear and making the child laugh. You went over and pressed a kiss to his cheek too. "You're such a cutie-pie, Arthur."

 "I'm not cute." He interjected, trying not to get annoyed with Matthew in his arms. "But you are. You know how much I love you, right?"

 "Of course I do." You said with a giggle, kissing his cheek as well. "Okay boys! All of you need to go upstairs and get ready! Uncle Francis is coming and he's bringing some friends over! Go get ready!"

 "But moooom!" Alfred whined,"I don't wanna! It's Christmas!"

 "Don't complain." You said, kneeling down and ruffling his hair. "You have all this week out of school. Now go clean up."

 He mumbled in complaint as you let him free of your grip to allow him to scamper off to his room. Matthew kissed your cheek before going to follow his brother.

 You stood up, crossing your arms and looking towards Arthur. "They're such good boys."

 Arthur wrapped his arms around your waist from behind, swaying to the music gently. "We did a good job with them, didn't we?"

 "Of course. They have such a good father."

 He kissed your cheek, snuggling in the crook of your neck. "I think it was their loving mother of course. What a wonderful woman she must be."

 You gently kissed his nose and put your hand on his. "Yeah, she must be Wonder Woman."

 Arthur chuckled lightly,"Of course she is. She's the most beautiful woman I've met."

 "I bet so." You whispered, squeezing his hands. "How about you go get dressed too. And try not to rip Francis' throat out. Either way you look at it, I see him as my brother. That being said, I want you to be on your best behavior."

 He kissed your lips gently. "I won't be making any promises."
Just sweet Drabble.
I don't remember 10 but whatever it is, it's yours.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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