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December 14, 2012
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 Driving up to the Kirkland manor to meet your new foster family, you didn't expect anything to be different from the usual home. Odds are, you'd be out than less than a week, trying to shield yourself from the cruel world once more.

 You were only 5 but you had a pretty brief experience regarding a terrible world. Your parents abused you, saying you were a piece of garbage that neither even wanted.

 When you were four, you were watching TV as your parents slept, unconscious from alcohol. There you saw a commercial which explained about the Child Protective Services. They explained that they help find children like you a home.

 Quickly, you called them before the commercial could shut off and you wouldn't be able to match the numbers from the screen to the telephone. The second you heard someone, you began bawling and cried out for help against your parents.

 By the time they had awoken, you were being taken away from your family, walking out with the nice lady that worked there. Your father, in a rage, took an empty beer bottle from beside him and chucked it at the back of your head, knocking you out.

 When you awoke, you were laying in a hospital room with a terrible headache.

 One a few months passed and you were presumed better, you were taken to your first foster home. You refused to eat. You refused to leave your bed for most reasons. Within a week, you were back.

 For about 5 homes you had done this. The agency was growing worried that you weren't adapting well and asked one of their most successful foster parents, Arthur Kirkland, if he was willing to try and help.

 At first he was a bit skeptical. Currently, he was fostering four children and also caring for his kid brother. When they explained the situation and everything that was happening, he gladly decided to try and help you.

 When the secretary told you that you were going to a new home, you refused. She began explaining how the person you'd be going with was really nice and had a beautiful home and a loving family.

 She showed you a picture of his manor. It was huge, a lot of land fenced it and secured. The home must've been about three stories tall and had a beautiful old charm to it.

 Then she pulled out a picture of the family itself and began to explain to you who each member was.

 The first one she pointed to was the oldest, Arthur Kirkland. He was a handsome young man, about 23 years old with beautiful green eyes and shaggy blond hair. Though his eyebrows made you stifle a small laugh.

 Then she pointed out the oldest of the foster children, a brunette with green eyes as well and a bandage over his nose. She said his name was Jack and he was born in Australia and was 14 years old.

 Another boy was pointed out. It was explained that he was Indian in origin. He had dark brown hair and caramel eyes. His name was Sabal and was about 12 years old.

 She then directed your attention to two blond girls. They were named Amelia and Madeline, both twins. Madeline had long curly hair and and a long curl. Her eyes were the most peculiar shade of violet. Amelia had short hair and beautiful blue eyes. Both girls were 10.

 The youngest held the most resemblance to Arthur and was the youngest child. His name was Peter Kirkland, age 9. He wore short blond hair and light blue eyes along with a wide grin.

 Now looking at the manor, you could feel your stomach twisting in knots. The secretary was talking gently to you, trying to calm your tensed nerves. "I know you're worried but Arthur is a very sweet man. And his family is very nice family."

 Still, you sat silently and listened until the car stopped. You grabbed your backpack, the only things you even had contained within it. When you looked out the window, you saw Arthur standing on the porch with the other children looking towards the car curiously.

 The car door opened, making you cringe and hide in the corner. Tears welled up in your eyes and your body began to shake. The secretary looked in, seeing your change in attitude and sighed.

 Arthur came over, peering in the car to see the same thing. He made the secretary leave before looking back towards you. "Hello love. What's the matter...?"

 You shook your head, not moving from your spot. "It's okay...the children just helped me bake cookies if you want one."

 Slowly, you crawled over to him, wrapping your arms around his neck. He chuckled softly and lifted you carefully out of the car. When he began walking in, you felt panic well up once more.

 Sensing this, Arthur gently rubbed your back. "Don't worry. If you want, we can call her if you want." You nodded as he turned around to let you wave goodbye. Then her car drove out of sight.


 For the rest of the day, you hid in your new bedroom. You would be sharing a room with Amelia and Madeline for the time being. He assured you that if you were going to stay, he would set up a room with everything you wanted.

 At dinner time, Arthur came in and brought you downstairs. Yes, you complained but he wanted you to be with everyone for at least a short amount of time.

 Already, there was a plate set up for you with tomato soup and fresh bread. It didn't take long for Arthur to notice you hadn't eaten anything. He came beside you, taking a spoonful of soup and cooling it off for you.

 "I'm not hungry..." You whispered, the first thing you've said at any home you've been at. "I don't want any..."

 "Just a little bit." He nearly pleaded. "Even if it's just a little bit, I need you to eat something."

 Reluctantly, you opened your mouth and allowed him to feed you about half of your meal before telling him that you were full. He smiled and kissed your forehead gently before taking your food away.

 Jack looked towards you and ripped a piece of his bread off and handed it to you. "You should try some. Arthur didn't make it so it should be good."

 A ripple of laughter came from the table, Arthur looking towards all of them. "Haha, very funny. You're setting very good standards for our guest."

 Taking the bread, you nibbled on it. Seeing this, Arthur breathed in relief. Everyone ate again in silence as you slowly devoured the bread you were given.  When everyone was finished, they were expected to help.

 Arthur noticed you trying to help and quickly lifted you up. "Why don't you go clean up and go to bed? You've had a long day today, haven't you? Or did you want to help us?"

 "I wanna help..." You squeaked, looking towards the others. Arthur smiled and let you down, watching as you helped the others as best you could. When you finished, Arthur allowed you to crawl back into bed.

 Shutting your eyes, you began to fall asleep. You couldn't keep yourself up to hear Amelia and Madeline to enter the room.


 For the next few days, you hid in your temporary room. Arthur would come in and ask if you needed anything and tried to get you to eat something but with nothing to show for it.

 One day, Arthur came in and sat on your bed, pulling you from beneath the sheets. "Love, I'm worried about haven't eaten or really moved much since the first night...why don't you spend some time with your siblings."

 He picked you up but you didn't really object. His fingers gently rubbed circles on your back. When he placed you on the ground, you found yourself in a room full of toys with all your 'siblings' playing some game together.

 You crawled away, distancing yourself from them and watched. They didn't seem to notice you were there anyway so you just picked up a small top and just spun it.

 Madeline came over after a short while, kneeling in front of you want watching as the top stopped spinning before look towards you with a smile. "Hi there...! What are you doing?"

 "Spinning the top..." You muttered, spinning it again.

 Madeline frowned and went behind you, gently brushing your hair. "Your hair is really soft and pretty." She gently began to comb out the knots and apologized if she tugged on your messy hair.

 Soon after, Amelia came over, followed by the rest. "Do you want to play with us? You both look so lonely by yourselves."

 You smiled, just slightly, making the rest of them grin in excitement before enveloping you in hugs. "Welcome to the family _________!"


 That night, Amelia woke up to your muffled cries. Getting out of bed, she went over to you, tossing and turning with tears in your eyes. She quickly started shaking your shoulders to wake you up.

 "It's a dream...! Please wake up...! _________...!" She whispered to awaken you.

 Your (e/c) eye opened wide and you screamed in fear. Amelia held you, shushing you quickly to keep everyone from waking up. "No...! It's okay...! Please...! No one's hurting you...! Calm down...!"

 Arthur quickly ran into the room to see you crying into Amelia's shirt. The other children bursted in while Madeline got up and went over. Arthur went to you, brushing Amelia's hair and moving her aside.

 Lifting you up, Arthur tried to calm your crying. "Hey now...what's wrong...?" You didn't answer but he payed no mind. He gently brushed your hair and hummed gently to try and calm your sobs, at least a little. "Don't worry...we're right here if you need us..."

 "M...Mommy..." You muttered, sniffling and letting tears escape. "M-Mommy and d-daddy...t-they...they're gunna get me a-again...and t-they'll k-kill me...!" A sob escaped your lips again and Arthur placed your face carefully against his shoulder. "D-Don't let them g-get me again...!"

 "Don't worry, don't worry..." He breathed, holding your trembling little form. "I won't let them come near you..." Now he began to realize why you would hide, why you were so scared of everything. You must've felt safer with the CPS people than with other people. "How about we all go sleep in my room tonight...I think you might feel safer there."

 Tightly, you wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your face in his shoulder. "N-No...! I-I don't...I..."

 Arthur kissed your temple gently. "You remember coming in, right...? There's a big fence around the house. Only people who I let in are allowed...don't worry, I won't let them anywhere near you...neither of them can hurt you again."

 You nodded, your body being laid down and covered. The others climbed up the sheets, relaxing beside you. Arthur wrapped his arms around you, your small body shaking in his arms.

 "A-Arthur..." You mumbled, gaining his attention,"I...I wanna stay...I wanna live with you..."

 He smiled, brushing your cheek. "Don't you worry. I'll call the department tomorrow and tell her you're staying. Then we can set up a room. I think you'll be happy here..."

 "Don't you worry." Jack spoke up again. "If you get scared, you can come to my room and I'll protect you!"

 "Hey! I'm the heroine!" Amelia bursted out,"I'll make sure you're totally safe!"

 They went on for awhile but you didn't notice. You had fallen asleep in the middle of their argument with a smile on your face.
I'm thinking about another Germany insert later .


I don't own you or Hetalia!
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