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September 30, 2012
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  "Oktoberfesttt!" Your enthusiastic Prussian yelled before dashing out the door.

  You quickly cut him off, sliding in front of the front door before he could leave,"Gilbert, don't get so drunk that I need to come get you. Please!?"

  "Come on __________!" He whined, throwing his arms down in defeat,"West got actual beer from Munich! Löwenbräu! Fräulein, Löwenbräu!"


  "___________!" He continually begged like a small child. "If Luddy can get drunk, why can't I!? It's my country to~o! Pleaseee!? Please! Please! Please!?"

  "Fine!" You finally broke, sighing in defeat. "But if you call me at two in the morning to pick you up, I'll be sure you'll never be able to drink beer ever again!"

  His crimson eyes widened and he swallowed hard. "J...Ja frau, I-I promise I'll get home on my own or stay with Luddy..."

  "'I promise I'll get home on my own or stay with Luddy,' he said." You mocked as you drove angrily down the abandoned roads at 3:32am. "I'm going to kill you Gilbert Beilschmidt! So help me I'm going to kill you the second I get there."

  Sure, you knew at this point in your relation to never listen to your drunkard you called a boyfriend when he said he was 'okay to get home,' or 'staying with a friend,' when he went out. Still, you weren't a morning person, whether it be 10 in the morning or 3:30.

  His little brother's home was packed with cars once you arrived but it seemed as though much of the festivities had died out, mainly considering that some of the heaviest of drinkers now lay strewn on the lawn, out cold.

  Sighing, you got out of your car, keeping it running as you broke into the German's house. In the kitchen, you could hear a few people laughing joyously, the usually strict blond German included.

  When you saw your boyfriend laying on the couch, waving his finger in the air, you sighed. "Gilbert...come on...your brother called me when he was still sober. You're drunk, he wants you out."

  He looked over, his pale face flushed from the alcohol. "Frau! *hic* Wassup!? You want *hic* a beer now that you're here!? *hic*"

  "Gilbert! I'm tired! Come on!"

  He groaned but refused to move, taking another swig of beer and grabbing your arm. He forcefully pulled you onto his chest, your lips pressing together, the beer in his mouth now suddenly into your own.

  Quickly, you pulled away to see him laughing silently beneath you. Growling, you slapped him in the face without a strip of remorse,"You asshole! Don't be surprised if you wake up hungover and single! Honestly Gilbert, I don't know why I put up with you all the time!"

  His eyes widened as you got up and went to leave. He quickly gripped onto your wrist and pulled you onto him once more. It was quickly made obvious that he didn't want you to leave.

  Your head was pulled to his chest and held in place. "Don't leave me _____*hic*'re the *hic* only one who's ever loved m*hic*e...please don't leave, *hic* pleaseee..."

  "Gilbert, stop-"

  He was crying, the tears now dampening your (h/c) head,"Don't leave me..."

  Sighing, you gave in and relaxed on his form. His arms were protectively around you and his crimson eyes were drooping. "Ich liebe dich *hic* _________...I've been considering a*hic*sking you to marry me. *hic* I don't think you'd *hic* wanna marry me now. *hic*"

  "Gilbert," You said silently before looking directly towards him,"I'm sorry...I'm tired...I wasn't thinking straight...apparently you aren't either...why don't we just sleep on it and we'll talk it out when you're sober..."

  He quickly fell asleep, leaving you with a final thought,'I'll be sure that conversation is ten times as loud as it should be when you're nursing your hangover.'


  Ludwig awoke, his head rested on the table that sat before him, Feliciano resting on his shoulder and Kiku sleeping on the floor. As soon as the blond brought his head up, he could feel the full extent of last night hit him hard.

  Groaning slightly in displeasure, he got up onto his legs, hoping to just crash on the couch to sleep that alcohol away. When he made it into the living room, he smiled at the sight of his big brother and you snuggled up closely together.

  "He's getting his ass kicked out the second he wakes up. Even I can tell when bruder puts hot-sauce in my beer."
Aaaand that's why Prussia was kicked out.
Oh you poor, drunken idiot...

Request for :iconnikki0228:
It was meant to be.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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