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August 29, 2012
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  Today was the perfect day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, it was actually warm out and your Danish friend and crush was on his way to the park fountain to meet you.

  Currently, you were sitting on the cool marble with your fingers in the cold water, waiting patiently. Today you were going to muster up the courage to tell him how you truly felt.

  "Hey ________!" Standing up, you were able to see the Dane shoving through the crowd to get to you, a smile on his face per usual. You opened your arms, allowing him to hug you tightly.

  You let out a low laugh, all the air already knocked from your lungs. "I-It's nice to see you too Mathias..." He released his hold on you, bringing you to your feet,"You seem really happy today."

  "Of course I am!" He stated enthusiastically, taking your hand and spinning you as if dancing. "I get to hang out with you all day! We haven't had time to chill in awhile, huh?"

  "I-I guess not..." A blush spread across your cheek and suddenly, the ground became the apple of your eye. Bringing your head back up, you grinned reassuringly,"But let's not worry about that! Let's go-!"

  You took one step forward and immediately found yourself crashing onto the painful asphalt. Trying to pick yourself up, you felt someone else lift you,"____________!? Are you okay?"

  "Fine..." Mathias helped you stand up, allowing you to lean on him as you regained your balance. "Thanks Mathias, I owe you one."

  "It was no biggie. How about we go get ourselves from ice cream at that vender over there," He pointed towards a ice-cream vender about 100 feet away,"And then we can make fun of people passing by."

  "Sure." You put on a cute face as you walked on. He went on ahead, you just staring towards his hand, longing to take it. Only the concentration on taking his hand caused your mind to space and you to land on your foot wrong, rolling your ankle and sending you back down once more.

  Mathias was beside you in seconds, his face close enough to yours to feel his warm breath. "You really aren't having any luck with gravity today, are you?" He chuckled but your unamused expression sent him back into a serious mode,"Are you okay to stand?"

  "Y-Yea, I think so." He once more helped you to your feet, the immediate pressure on your ankle caused you pain enough to make your knees buckle in and collapse in Mathias' arms. "Maybe not..."

  He sighed playfully and brought you into his arms bridal-style. You quickly threw your arms around his neck to keep yourself from falling,"What am I supposed to do with you? How about you just hang tight while I get us something sweet?"

  Pressing your head against his shoulder, you nodded. He smelt funny, kind of like ocean and cologne mixed together with a slight scent of beer. Man, did Mathias love the amber-colored drink.

  His heart drummed rhythmic against your ears, causing you to become drowsy. Your body was placed down on a hard surface, causing you to wake up once more.

  He grinned, ruffling your (h/c) hair playfully,"What's up with you today girl? I don't think I've seen you this out of character." He chuckled softly as you hid your face to conceal the blush rapidly spreading on your face. "How about those ice-creams then?"

  You watched as he left you alone, grabbing you both two cones. Behind him, eerie clouds hung, causing you to groan. If anything else went wrong, you'd surely lose it.

  He came back, holding chocolate and (fav. flavor) in front of him. You took your cone and let Mathias sit beside you. "If you need to tell me anything, I swear I'll keep it a secret. We're friends and I'm kind of worried."

  "I'm fine," You tried to reassure,"I'm just having an off day."

  You were sure he wasn't buying it but you continued to eat your fresh ice cream in silence. Every now and then, you'd peer over at the Danish man, admiring his effortlessly-standing blond hair and shimmering blue eyes.

  At one point, both your eyes locked and you quickly tore the gaze to shreds in surprise and embarrassment. Now even more nervous than before, you stared down towards the ground.

  His arm wrapped around your waist, causing you to shriek in surprise and drop the ice-cream on your lap. You stood up only to fall back down once more, the pain unbearable.

  "Shit! I'm so sorry _________!" He helped you up in seconds, holding you close to him,"I didn't mean to scare you so badly. I'll get you another ice-cream, how does that sound?"

  "I'm not hungry anymore..." You mumbled, fighting back the urge to scream and cry. "I just want to go home..."

  "But, we were supposed to hang out like only times-"

  "I don't care! This whole day is ruined and I just want to go home!" You snapped, burying your face into his shirt while letting a few tears fall. "I-I just wanna go..."

  Mathias was about to say something when a torrential downpour crashed over both of you, soaking you in seconds. He quickly pulled you into his arms and brought you to the nearest cover which happened to be a gazebo.

  The second he stepped in, he slid and crashed on his back, protecting you from another fall. He laughed and stroked your soddened hair,"Looks like we'll be here until the rain lets up."

  You pressed your face to his chest once more and let yourself cry. Whatever perfect day you had plan slipped right through your fingers, leaving nothing but rubble at your feet.

  A hand found it's way to the back of your head, bringing it closer to his chest,"Can you tell me what's wrong now?"

  Looking up towards him with watery eyes, you nodded. "I-I has this whole day planned out...I-I wanted it to be perfect a-and everything turned to crap! I just wanted to tell you t-that I love you b-but nothing ever works out ri-"

  You were cut off when a sweet pair of lips hit yours, quickly breaking the kiss you had dreamt of since you met him. "That all? You're such a special girl, you didn't need to go through all that trouble...I love you too __________..."

  Your body remained frozen in place, staring emptily towards Mathias until you began sobbing once more. His arms wrapped around you once more, causing you to relax once more. "Man, don't chicks usually kiss a guy back when he says that?"

  "Shut up," You muttered playfully, punching his shoulder and pressing your lips against his once more and then resting your forehead against his with a smile on your face. "Jerk."
This is so cheesy!
But cute cheesy...I think.

This was a commission done for :icontyoflava:

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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