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November 3, 2012
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  Your body floated in a black chasm of darkness, your body laying horizontal. Both your your (e/c) eyes were shut and you (h/l)(h/c) hairs danced as if under water.

  "__________," A male voice whispered in your mind, enveloping you in warmth. "It's been a long time since I've last seen you aru..."

  "Yao..." You thought weakly. "That's you, isn't it...?"

  A pair of hands gently cupped your face, a soft pair of lips brushing against your forehead. "It's been too long. You seem to be holding up very well on your own aru."

  "Yao..." You tried moving your body, only to have coursing pain running through at the simplest move. "Yao..."

  His arms went around your body, the warmth drained to a chilling cold. You understood, and were used to this. As if his body died out years ago. And it did, a long time ago.

  "Don't move your body. You're still injured." The pads of his thumbs gently brushed against your cheeks gently. "I'll make sure you will be safe when you wake up."

  "Safe...?" Your mind whispered softly, feeling comfort in his frozen arms. "I...I don't-"

  His cold finger pressed gently against your lips, silencing your thoughts. "You don't need to know from what. Just know I'll be at your side when you wake up, okay?"

  "Dancing...with the...devil..." You felt yourself murmur softly before you were left by yourself once more.


  Your (e/c) eyes opened up softly. Everything around you was white and smelt almost too clean and sterile. A chocolate-haired man was waiting for you, eyes of caramel full of worry. Did you know him?

  "Ah! You're awake aru!" The same voice as in that dream. "Please don't move too much. I'll get a nurse in here aru-"

  You (painfully) grabbed his wrist and paused him in his actions. Looking towards him, you looked sadly towards him. "E-Excuse me sir...w-who...who are you...? W-Where am I...?"

  His eyes widened for a brief instant, quickly replaced by a worried smile. "I-It's me...don't tell me you can't remember me _________."

  "___________." You heard him say that name to you before. "Is name?"

  He gently released you from his grip and walked out of the room without a word. A few moments later, a doctor and nurse came in. "Nice to see you're awake miss sleepy-head. I'm sure you have many questions but let me just ask one; do you remember anything?"

  Shutting your eyes, you tried to remember anything but found no memories. It took a moment before you replied back with a shake of the head which sent new sensations of pain through you. His hand went on your shoulder and gently squeezed it.

  "Now ask me anything you want. Just stay still."

  "Wh...Where am I...?"

  He sighed,"The hospital. You got into a terrible car accident and your friend who was here earlier managed to free you from the car. You owe that man your life."

  "I do..." You whispered,"Don't I...?"

  After a few more questions, you were left alone with the mysterious man who claimed to be your friend. His eyes were glowing yellow in all curiosity. "No hao's me...Wang Yao..."

  "Your name is Wang?" You said, stifling a small laugh.

  "No!" He interjected to your amusement. "My name is Yao. It's just common to call people by their last then first names."

  "That's silly." You mumbled, looking innocently towards him. "It's nice to meet you Yao. see you again..."

  His hands touched yours, ice cold to the touch. You screamed and pulled away, nearly throwing yourself out of bed. His appearance changed from that of a human to a demon, black wings and all.

  One hand covered your mouth to keep you silenced. "Calm down aru. I'm not going to hurt you. This is my normal form...I saved you, be grateful."

  "I-I don't know you then...?" You whispered in fear.

  He came beside you, whispering in your ear,"I don't know. Why don't you tell me aru..."

  His lips planted softly against yours, increasing intensity with every passing second. Any time you tried to push him off, you would fail and he would pull you closer.

  When he finally broke apart, you felt tears pricking your eyes. "Yao...this is all my fault..."

  Because that one kiss showed you what happened. Yao sold his life to save your own.
...where China and you are both involved in an accident and he sells his soul to hell to get you out of the car alive.



I don't own you or Hetalia!
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