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August 11, 2012
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  The next morning, you looked over to see Arthur sleeping beside you, his hands gripping onto your nightshirt. His eyes were still red from crying but you knew you couldn't hide the truth from him.  Bringing him closer, you kissed his forehead softly.

  "Mama..." He murmured in his sleep, gripping your shirt tightly and let a few silent cries out. Sitting up, you held him in your arms and rocked him, humming to calm him down. It worked because in seconds, he was back to his peaceful sleep.

  His eyes opened up and he just stared at you blankly,"Good morning Arthur..."

  "Morning mummy..." He muttered while bringing his head back onto your chest. "I want scones..."

  "I-I don't know how to make scones sweetie..." You whispered softly, combing his hair with a tender touch to keep him calm. "I can make really good pancakes. I also have waffles."

  "Scones! Scones! Scones!" He objected over and over until you told him once more that you couldn't make them. Tears surfaced once more in his pretty eyes near to spilling.

  "No no Artie! Please don't! Stop!" You brought him up to your face, pressing your forehead against his,"Hey...I'll...I'll figure something out. Come on, you can help me if you want."

  He nodded, blinking out tears as you carried him downstairs. Grabbing the wand he seemed so fond of, you handed it to him and set him on the kitchen floor as you searched for a cookbook which might hold a recipe to scones.

  "HOATA!" You turned your head in shock, hearing Arthur scream some random word. What you found was a plate of fresh scones on the table and Arthur already indulging in them.

  "Arthur...?" He looked over so innocently, it made your heart melt,"Where did you get those."

  He waved the wand around,"I made them. They're really yummy!"

  You approached him, taking the wand off the table where he just let it lay and inspecting it. Nothing seemed too out of the ordinary but then again, he was a child that had fallen out of the sky during a rainy day.

  Grabbing one of the warm scones, you took a bite into it. There was definitely a...peculiar taste to it to say the least. But Arthur seemed to like them and that's all that mattered.

  Someone knocked at the door, making you cock your head. No one ever came to visit you. "Aren't you gunna get the door mummy?" He asked sweetly, snapping you from your daze.

  "Yes. Just stay here and eat your scones." He smiled and nodded as you rushed to greet who was at the door. What was rather shocking was seeing a local teen, Alfred F. Jones standing there, sleepily kicking dirt until you opened the door.

  His head was brought up and a smile plastered on his face,"Oh hey misses __________. Do you mind if I come in?"

  Looking back towards the kitchen, you felt your nerves unravel,"I have some company over. What's seems to be the problem?"

  "My folks kind of...kicked me out." He whispered the last part embarrassingly,"And since you're like...a lonely old hag...I was wondering if I could move in until I found a home."

  Your eyes narrowed slightly,"How old do I look kid? I'm twenty-three!"

  "Old hag..." He muttered again, followed by a laugh. "I'm just playin' ya! Geez, lighten up a bit!"

  You sighed, knowing you'd regret it later. "I have a few spare rooms down that hallway. My...erm...son is eating in the kitchen. Just leave him alone for now-"

  "I didn't know you had a kid!" The young man gushed, brushing past you and rushed to the kitchen. Funny how he knew where exactly it was even though he had never come to the house at all.

  "Mummy!" Arthur's cry brought you back once more, making you rush to the kitchen. Alfred was holding him close, his cheek pressed against Arthur's hair,"Please help me!"

  Rushing over, you were able to snatch Arthur back, pressing his head against your shoulder and giving him a second to recollect before he started crying out,"Alfred...what did I say before you went in here?"

  "N-Not to bother him." He admitted bashfully, scratching his chin as he spoke,"Sorry..."

  You repositioned him to look towards Alfred,"See Arthur...he said he's sorry. Now what do you say?"

  "Stupid American git..." He muttered, crossing his arms and pressing his face on your shoulder. "He's a big, fat, meanie-head git!"

  "Arthur Kirkland!" You snapped at his attitude towards the boy,"I'm so sorry Alfred. He's a very sweet boy, I promise you. Arthur, apologize to him."

  "No!" He spoke muffled into your shoulder. Bringing his head out, he stuck his tongue out at him and hid once more. "He smells funny..."

  Alfred laughed at this. "It's okay _________, don't worry too much about him. I bet I'll be like a big bro by the time this is over!"

  "Huh?" You looked curiously at him. "What do you mean by 'over' Alfred?"

  "U-Uh! By the time I find a house of my own and all." He muttered with a smile,"A-And move out..."

  You raised a curious brow but ignored it. "I'm going to go lay Arthur down for a nap...he didn't sleep good last night so he's probably just tired and cranky is all. Go...find a room and settle in."

  Leaving the boy, you carried Arthur back to your room and laying him down with a sigh. "Arthur, that wasn't very nice of you to say to  say to Alfred. When you wake up, I want you to apologize to him."

  As you stood up, he jumped up and grabbed your arm. "Don't go...I'm scared the demon's are gunna come a-and eat me..."

  "Demons...?" Sitting down, you pulled him onto your lap,"Honey, why are you scared of something like that?"

  "I had a dream..." Arthur staggered over his words,"A-And demons took Mama away a-and she turned evil...t-then everything turned dark..."

  You flopped backwards on your bed, carrying him beside you and tickling his stomach to make him laugh. "I'll keep those mean ol' monsters away from you Artie. I'll stay with you if you want."

  He snuggled close, his head resting on your arm and his fingers grabbing at your cloths. "Mummy...I don't want to loose you either..."

  "You won't...I promise you that..." You pulled him closer, resting your chin on his head.

  "I love you mummy..." He muttered, bringing his head from under you and kissing your cheek.

  A smile tugged your lips. "I love you too Artie..."

  Alfred peeked in through the doorway and out of the window, seeing that someone was eyeballing your resting figures from a safe spot. His blue eyes narrowed at the demon who was still unaware of his presence.

  Bringing himself into the room, he sat beside you both, stroking Arthur's hair and taking a quick glance to assure the demon had left you both be. 'Now that she's involved, I guess now I'm gunna have to keep her safe too...I'd better hurry before Francis gets to them or worse...Ivan.' He swallowed roughly, the thought of the Russian demon killing the two if you.

  And if Ivan managed to get to Arthur and turn him into a demon, well, the fate of the world was at stake.

To be continued...
Sorry about the delay! I'm working on finishing summer homework before school starts. ^^;
I don't have a terrible amount left...but it's still a lot.

Here's part 2. Alfred comes to live with youuu~
And that creepy stalker learned your name from Artie~

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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