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August 10, 2012
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  The land around here was so fresh and revitalizing. The grass was green, the sky was a beautiful azure blue with not a single spot of white in the sky and the flowers opening up to various different colors.

  And yet, in the house which lay alive with vibrant colors amidst a meadow of constant change in England, a young woman lived alone. No husband. No children. No pets.

  All those in the town loved the young woman but none of them ever visited nor did they try to help her fell less alone. She would look out the window at least once every day to see nothing but meadows, whether they be dead or alive but dare not run among it.

  Only one day did this change. When the beautiful young woman's prayers were answered and she was bestowed someone to give her company.


  Rain. How you hated rain. But, that was to come when you lived in England. Although the ground was now green, the grey skies and dull. This had been the first day of rain since Spring began a week or so before.

  The house seemed even more dull than usual. There was no real reason why you should even buy a big house which stood alone in an empty meadow. No neighbors. Big space. All alone.

  Tears began to stream down your face when loneliness began to ebb in once more. Bringing your head up, you looked upon the field from the window, two stories above in your bedroom. You could see the town over the treetops, less than a mile away.

  The tears stopped and you just stared blankly at the town, probably alive with people right now. That was when you saw a break in the clouds above, a curious, inexplicable even to say the least.

  Something seemed to be of vague interest to you though. Quickly getting up, you rushed out the door into the pouring rain barefoot to greet this occurrence head-on.

  You stopped by the rim of the one spot of sunlight, just looking curiously at the ground. Upon it, a young boy was laying asleep peacefully. The only thing he wore was a white tunic and in his hand was a wand with a yellow star at the end.

  Stepping into the light, you felt warmth enveloping your body that made you just want to hug yourself and forced a smile to corner your lips. The boy's eyebrows were rather large to say the least and his hair was a blond, shaggy mess. But what was even more shocking was when you noticed two tiny wings on his back.

  Kneeling on the dirt in front of him, you brushed the hair from his face slightly and cupped his cheek. It was amazing how soft and silky his hair felt. Lifting him up, you smiling again and picked up the wand he had just dropped. The spot in the clouds began to vanish about as quickly as they came.

  You rushed the boy back into your home quickly, keeping him as dry as you could with no avail. By the time you were both inside, he was awake from the rain drenching him.

  His eyes were so beautiful, an emerald coloring which sparkled with fresh tears. Without warning, he began crying into your shoulder, gripping onto your soaked shirt tightly. "M-Mama!"

  "'s okay...shh..." You futilely tried to calm the body down, rubbing his back and being cautious of his wings. "Can you look at me and smile? I bet you look really handsome when you smile..."

  His head pulled away from your shoulder, tears streaming down your face. A shaky smile tugged the corners of his pink lips. "See. Look at how handsome you are."

  "T-Thank you m'am..." He replied softly, wiping the tears away while you held him closely. "W-Where am I? I want my Mama..."

  "Mama?" You softly pondered yourself, jouncing the boy in your arms. A strange thought crossed your head. "Honey, when was the last time you saw your Mama...?"

  "We were driving home from the airport...we just moved to America from England." He said in a soft voice, bringing his face to your shirt. "And I remember a car hit ours and...they took Mama away...and I can really remember much after that..."

  Bringing him closer to your chest and breathed out heavily, trying not to cry,"Um...w-what's your name sweetie...?"

  "Arthur Kirkland." remember reading that name in the paper. 'So it is true...' you thought sadly, looking at the innocent little angel-boy in your arms and holding him closer,"Well about you go wash off and I'll grab you something warm to wear."

  You began to carry him up the stairs to the bathroom which connected to your room, starting the water for a bath. "Are you okay with taking a bath by yourself sweetie?"

  "Of course I am!" He snapped, pouting and crossing his arms. "I'm six!"

  You couldn't help but laugh, ruffling his hair before bringing a towel down for him and leaving him to his own. Immediately, you hopped onto the computer to research the boy's name.

  Within seconds, articles upon articles came up, all about how two were killed in an accident. Arthur's mother was killed on impact. He died later on at the hospital.

  "Arthur sweetie...are you almost done?" You asked, your voice cracking. The door opened to Arthur wearing an oversized teeshirt and dragging his towel behind him. "Can you come here for a minute...?"

  Alfred watched outside the window as the strange young lady spoke to the angel boy, his face dropping and tears surfacing. "Stupid kid doesn't even know what's going on." He ran into the (h/c)'s arms and both began bawling together. "She doesn't know what she's in for either...I'll be sure to protect them both..."

  Outside your window, floating in the rain sat a demon, black hair with a cowlick and piercing blue eyes hidden behind frames. From his hair grew two horns and in his mouth, fangs. His tail swayed impatiently, knowing that someone was coming.

To be continued...
I got really bored. Lolz
Watching origional avatar when Aang has some fire nation girl playing him in the play and he gets all upset. Hahaha!

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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