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February 2, 2013
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 "I'm glad you agreed to play hockey with me today __________." The Canadian smiled as you walked towards the rink. "Not a lot of people actually like to play with me so I haven't actually done this in awhile."

 You smiled, unknowing as to why no one would play with him. Mattie was a sweet boy and you quickly assumed that a nice, easy game of hockey would benefit your friendship.

 How very wrong you'd be proven to be.

 Going on the ice, you felt something slip uneasily. There was no one else there, two goals set up on either side. But when Matthew stepped on the ice and looked towards you, a chill went up your spine.

 Both of you skated to the middle of the rink, the puck between the two of you. The second you started, Matthew literally threw you off balance and quickly brought the puck down to score.

 Shakily, you brought yourself back up to face him. "Not in my rink you're not." Now you were completely frozen. "Don't mess with me."

 Shortly after, you began again, getting quickly driven into the side and knocking the air out of your lungs as he quickly scored once more. "M-Mattie, I need a break-"

 "Not until we're done!"

 Scared, you simply put your hands up. This is how things went for a good half and hour. He would push and shove, knocking you to the ground various times until you could taste blood. When you tried to push him away, he hit back harder.

 Eventually, you just stood in front of the goal to stop the pucks from going in but every time, he would pass you or hit you in the knee painfully to just slide it in simply. No wonder no one wanted to play with him.

 Then, you snapped. Throwing the hockey stick on the ice, you started skating off. "We're not done! Get your ass back here!"

 "I'm done-!" You turned around to face him to have the puck fly into your face directly. Collapsing, you screamed in agony. This definitely best the pain you felt before by a long shot.

 Pulling your hands away, you noticed blood everywhere. You shuddered, covering it up once more. The Canadian came over but in fear, you moved away quickly. He came closer and fell to his knees. "_-__________...! I'm so sorry...!"

 "Y-You're not sorry...!" You cried, moving farther away. He began to see the blood dripping on the ice and pulled you to a sitting position. Pulling your hands away, he groaned and quickly pulled off his gloves. He held it up to your nose and sighed.

 He then pulled you closer, ignoring the blood and helping you up. Eventually, he got you off the ice and out on the cool grass to sit. "I-I don't w-want to play anymore..."

 "I know, I know..." He kissed you're forehead and held you closer. "Just relax, okay...?"

 Nodding, you allowed him to hold you closer. "I-I didn't mean to...t-this happens a-a lot..." Tears collected up in his eyes, starting to drip on you. "I-I doubt y-you would want t-to h-hang out with m-me a-anymore..."

 Shaking your head, you reached up and gently began to wipe his tears away. "I need to call an ambulance...I might've broken your nose..."

 Reaching in his pocket, he quickly dialed and started talking. Feeling faint, you reached out and grabbed his shirt and leaned closer. He called your name softly, louder, louder. Then he began yelling into the phone, all of it sounding like fuzz as you went under.


 "...has a concussion. She should wake up soon but she may be dazed or confused." Your (e/c) eyes opened up to whiteness, hearing soft voices around you. "Oh, she's waking up."

 Looking to the side, you saw a doctor and Matthew standing to the side with their eyes on you. The doctor came over and smiled lightly towards you. "Hey _____________...? How do you feel...?"

 "M-My head..." You groaned, putting a hand to it. "Pounding...light...noise..."

 "Go ahead and relax then." He stated simply, allowing you to shut your eyes and take a moment to slow down before looking at Matthew. "If something happens, just hit the nurse button."

 "Okay." As the doctor left, Matthew came beside you, kneeling beside the bed and cupping your hand in his. "Do you need anything...? I can go to your house and grab what you need..."

 "I need you..." You stated simply. He thought you were going to continue and blushed when he realized not. "W-What happened to me...?"

 "I-I hit you with a hockey puck, remember...?" You nodded slowly, shutting your eyes again. "And then...I brought you in the grass and called the ambulance...y-you passed out a-and there was s-so much blood...!"

 Putting a hand to his cheek, you calmed him down. "It's okay...M-Mattie...c-calm down..."

 He leaned over, kissing his forehead. Blushing, you felt your eyes water and began to cry. Pulling away, he looked frightened towards you. "W-What's wrong...? W-What did I-I do...?"

 "M-My head hurts..." You whimpered as he pulled you close. "I-I'm sorry..."

 "It's okay. I should've been more careful..." This time, he pecked your hairline lightly as to not hurt you. "Why don't you just relax...? It's been a long day..."


 He sat down, holding you hand and smiling towards you as you began to fall asleep once more.
Not 2p
Who gets too serious when he plays hockey
I'm going to a game tomorrow so I thought I'd post this.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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creativehelper14 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Student Interface Designer
I can't skate... So even before he pushes me down, I'm pretty sure I'm on the ground and gliding across the rink without hesitation...
LunaticMiyuki Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013
oh god DX that gotta hurt oh gosh no wonder no one plays with him T-T does Matthew really play hockey like that like seriously he can kill people like that T-T oh my god
IdgitWolf Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013
dantania-dan Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow take it easy mattie
xXxhypermonsterxXx Featured By Owner May 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
....geez matthew
Whitella09 Featured By Owner May 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
dear god never play hocky with Canada
me:*facepalm* your- you know what go ask France who he is....
Nyo-Lithuania Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013
just from reading the tile my first though was oh damn i adore canada but please don't tell me i play againt him then came the first line of i glad you agreed to play to play hockey with me and the only thing i could think was crap i'm screwed i love him but i'm screwed
mikmik121 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013
He's a sweetie
Most of the time...
Nyo-Lithuania Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
oh I know but it's like he's dr. jackal off the ice and Mr. Hide on still a sweetie I should know I rp as fem Ireland still working on cosplay and trying to save up and go to a con but sometimes it seems life hates me lol
mikmik121 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
I'm having con problems too. I wanna go with friend but I need to make cosplays and u don't know as who or what. And the date might be bad too
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