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January 21, 2013
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 "Saying 'he was a racist' isn't an opening argument eyebrows!" Francis snapped beside you, standing up slightly in his seat. "I'm not satisfied and my partner is not either!"

 He looked towards you expectantly but you simply froze for a second. Luckily at that point, Arthur, who was sitting across from you, stood up and shot a glare. "Well if you'd let me finish, I can actually support my argument you frog!"

 Sighing, you looked at Elizabeta, sitting across from you with a similar expression. "I'm not even going to try and get a word in edgewise. I highly doubt that either of us will get heard."

 Nodding, you tuned out for a few seconds. Today in American History class, your teacher had the idea of splitting up the class into 5 groups, two teams in each. Each team would debate on whether President Lincoln was  racist or not. Unfortunately for you and Elizabeta, you were stuck on the team with two enemies pitted against one another.

 Francis looked to you, finishing his statement. "Would you like to add anything ____________?"

 "Um...yeah, Lincoln stated that he wanted equal rights for African Americans because they are equal in respects of earning money."

 "That's a load of bull!" Arthur snapped as an argument broke out again.

 The teacher came around, giving you and Elizabeta an apologetic look and lipping 'watch those two' as she passed. A few moments later, they came to a compromise. Lincoln was not racist and only said things that sounded racist to please the people.

 Suddenly, Francis grabbed your wrist, smiling towards Antonio and Gilbert, his two friends debating on their own team in a different group. "We won! He admitted defeat to our power!"

 Antonio and Gilbert looked towards you, along with the rest of the class, as your face began to burn. "I couldn't have done it without her! We're a great duo!"

 "Oí! Let her hand go! She looks like a tomato!" Hearing this, you cringed and hid your face away. Everyone around you began to laugh, even the teacher let out a small string of laughter.

 Burying your face, Francis let your arm go as the bell rang. Without even thinking, you bursted out of the room and ran to the bathroom, keeping the cries from escaping your lips. You just didn't want to be there.

 When you made it into the bathroom, you went into the nearest stall and locked it. Then, you began bawling out as the children outside bustled through the halls. The bell signaling the beginning of next class rang but you didn't care, you just stayed in the stall, standing and crying while wasting all the toilet paper to blow your nose.

 Eventually, the bathroom door opened making you hush up. "___________? I know you're in here." Opening the stall door, you were met with a pair of violet and crimson-blended eyes.  "You look terrible-! G-Good! Good actually!"

 Shaking your head, you let more tears stream down your face. "Hey, stop crying now...! Everything's cool now, okay...? How about we get you somewhere a bit more private?"

 Taking off his red jacket, he hung it over your shoulders and flipped the hood to help conceal your face as he walked you out of the bathroom. You stayed close, clinging onto his uniform weakly and following him as he lead forward.

 When he paused, you noticed you were in the auditorium with Francis and Antonio looking towards you. Now you slunk back, wanting to hide away once more. Antonio took a step forward, reaching out towards you only to have you pull away.

 Before you could run off again, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you close. It took you by surprise that he would be holding you this close. His hand brushed your hair gently, the touch making you cringe and nearly cry on the spot.

 "I made you sad...didn't I...?" He murmured, kissing your forehead gently. "I didn't mean to make you so know you mean a lot to us..." Francis and Gilbert soon embraced you too. Without warning, a sob escaped your lips and tears quickly began spilling.

 "What's wrong mon cher?" Francis cooed, bringing your face into his chest gently. "You can tell us..."

 "I...I'm sorry..." You breathed, still clutched onto Antonio. "I...I shouldn't b-be hanging out w-with you a-anymore..."

 The three flinched, stunned by your words. "Why do you think that?"

 "B-Because you're a-all so...popular a-and I'm..." Clutching on tighter, you couldn't help but start sobbing uncontrollably in their arms. "I-I've b-been threatened b-b-by your fangirls a-and I've been t-thinking t-that I might n-not be able...t-to hang out w-with you guys again...!"

 They all moved a bit closer, hugging you tightly as you cried. Every now and then, they would coo gently, speaking to you like a crying child. 'Come on _____________. Don't cry anymore...' or 'just cry it out honey...'

 When you had finished crying out every emotion, they refused to let you go. "I think we should take you home...okay...? We'll watch some corny movies and eat popcorn..."

 "I-I don't wanna..."

 "Please..." Gilbert muttered painfully, hugging you closer. "We all love you...and none of us want to loose you...please don't push us away..."

 You nodded, leaning into Francis' chest before he lifted you and carried you to his car. Antonio entered, carrying all your things you left behind and smiled. Gilbert came in, trying to make you laugh by hitting his head on the door as he entered without so much of a twitch for a smile to show.


 "Saw you hangin' out with them again." Turning around, you saw one of the most popular girls in school standing triumphant. She shoved you against your open locker, cutting your arm and ripping your shirt sleeve on the lock-holder.

 "I told them we're not friends..." You muttered weakly, turning away. "Just leave me alone."

 "It's too much fun though." She smacked the books in your hand upwards, sending paper's scattering. Then, two girls behind you ripped your backpack off (literally), their long nails digging into your skin and most likely making blood well up.

 They then carried you to the gym, keeping you silent before throwing you into the supply closet and delivering a few blows and locking you away. In the darkness, all you could feel was pain. Everything hurt.

 In vain, you simply began to cry silently to make the pain ebb but only made it worse. Within seconds, someone began banging on the door. Loud voices were heard and suddenly the door was open to reveal Francis.

 He rushed to your side, sitting you up in his lap and breathing out. "Mon ami...I was so worried..."

 "G-Go away...! I-I don't want to get hurt anymore-"

 Looking outside the door, you noticed Antonio and Gilbert dragging the girls out of the room by their wrists. "Don't worry...we're about to stop this madness..."

 He lifted you in his arms, allowing you to rest a moment more. Your arms went around his neck and you nuzzled closer to his chest, feeling protected. "T-Thank you..."

 "We'll always be there for you mon cher..." He said silently, carrying you down to the office where already, an argument was bubbling over. Francis kissed your hairline, setting you to your feet before helping you walk in.

 The second you opened the door, everyone looked at you. "Sir! That's the girl who stole my stuff!"

 "Their lying!" Gilbert bursted,"they beat her up for hanging out with us!"

 "Why do you even care for a punk like her!? She's just a sleazy whore who'll dump you after-"

 "That's enough!" The principal snapped, letting everything simmer down a moment before looking towards you. "Miss ___________, was it? I want you to tell me exactly what happened to you and how you got those injuries."

 Looking unsure, you saw the angered and edging girls giving you a hard glare. Not knowing what else to do, you grabbed Francis' hand and shook your head. "Mon's fine..."

 "Don't feel pressured." The principal spoke. "I'm here to help you with this, not to get you in more trouble..."

 Nodding, you went closer to him. "I-I was at my locker, getting my things and they came up and started b-beating me up-"

 "She's lying!"

  "A-And it's because I-I hang out with these three a-and...they took me to the gym storage-"

 "Shut up you little-"

 "Stop interrupting!" The three snapped, looking towards you and urging you on.

 "T-They beat me up..." You whispered, ready to cry again. "T-They threw me on the ground a-and s-started kicking me a-and locked me away! I-If Toni, Gil and Francis didn't come...!"

 Gilbert took you as you began crying once more, the principal eyeing the girls angrily. "She's lying!"

 "I've heard enough." He grumbled, standing up to face them. "Girls, I will be calling home. You're expelled from this school district."

 "What!?" They screamed back. But you barely noticed, clutching tightly to Gilbert. He fell down to the ground, letting your body collapse with his. "This isn't fair! We shouldn't be expelled! My parents are going to kill me!"

 "It's okay ___________," Gilbert whispered as Antonio and Francis knelt down beside you, rubbing your back. "Come on..."

 "She can go." The principle spoke to the four of you. "I'll be staying here with these three troublemakers."

 Antonio, Gilbert and Francis helped you up, walking you out of the building. "I have an idea." Francis mused softly,"how about I call your can stay with us tonight for our world-famous slumber-parties tonight...we can skip school tomorrow..."

 Smiling a bit, you nodded and relaxed. Gilbert and Antonio were speaking with you the whole time, only stopping at one point when Gilbert called your parents and told them about the situation.

 The whole way home, you couldn't help but keep a small smile plastered on your face.


 The three teens looked at you as you slept in their arms. Bandages were covering over your fresh wounds. "The poor girl..." Antonio mused, brushing your (h/c) strands from your face. "This was all our fault..."

 "We shouldn't blame ourselves..." Gilbert murmured, taking your hand and rubbing it gently within his. "She must've had a rough day...she didn't even make it past half the movie..."

 Francis sighed, gently caressing your side. "Maybe we should all lay down...I think it would be nice for all of us to relax after such a long day..."

 They nodded in agreement, Antonio taking you and carrying to the 'fort' that you had made earlier in the living room (the trio lived on their own, all three being foreign students). Beneath a bunch of blankets, all held up by chairs collected from the kitchen, laid a king sized blow-up bed. On the bed were a bunch of blankets, one being your own and the others being the trio's.

 Placing you down and covering you up, the three gushed over how innocent you look.

 "She looks like a little angel...!"

 "She looks so peaceful...!"

 "How precious...!"

 As they three began to settle in and lay down, they each pressed a kiss to your lips; a custom they created from the various times you slept over.  "Good night ____________..."

 Shifting slightly over, you leaned on Gilbert and gripped onto him. He chuckled and held you close, letting you nestle close. "Can't resist the awesomeness, huh _____________?"

 Francis and Antonio smiled, snuggling as close as they could to you. "You're such a tough little trooper...aren't cha...? Gut nacht ____________..."

 "Buenos noches ____________..." Antonio murmured, kissing your cheek and resting his head by yours.

 "Bonnie nuit..." Francis breathed, wrapping his arms around your body. "Sleep well mon petite..."

 "I love you guys..." You breathed, your (e/c) eyes opening up. "I-I'm so sorry I told you I d-didn't want to hang out anymore...I really l-like you're my best friends..."

 All of them smiled, kissing your cheeks (on the face). "Don't think so much about it. Just relax..."

 Nodding, you shut your eyes and began to nod off once more. They too began to follow you under consciousness. "Good night guys..."

 Smiling, they breathed out,"Good night ____________."
Take note,
The first ten paragraphs are based on personal experience.
Last Tuesday, we had this exact debate
And I was out on a team with a guy
With a girl he fights with all the time was on the other side.
And we won
So he lifted my arm up (on his own accord, might I add)
And started yelling at his friend across the room

Ah, the glory days
After that, no. That's the story

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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