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December 1, 2012
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 "V-Vati...! Papa...! Padre...!"

 The three men of the house arose quickly at the terrified cries coming from one room. They scattered from their beds, making themselves look decent before bustling into the girl's room.

 Prussia was the first to respond, flicking on the lights to see his daughter sobbing on her bed. He quickly rushed to her, enveloping her in a hug and tried to calm her. It's been a few years since the BTT found you at their doorstep.

 Actually, they were celebrating your 4th 'birthday' in a few months. The reason for the quotes is because they knew you were a few months when they found you, they started counting up years from that night they found you. That was your technical birthday to them.

 Spain and France came in soon after, going over to you as well, trying to calm your small tears. "What's wrong frau...?" Vati whispered, cradling you in his arms. "Another nightmare...?"

 You nodded into his shirt and the three 'awwww'ed at you. Padre picked you up and lifted you into his lap, rubbing comforting circles in your back,"It's okay chica...tus padres are here for you..."

 Papa was the next to hold you close, brushing your short (h/c) while calmly coaxing you in French. Now you were beginning to get drowsy once more, falling asleep in the man's arms.

 "Papa...can we set up a tent downstairs again...?"

 The three men chuckled and smiled. "Sí, how about Padre and Vati set everything up right now..."

 You sleepily smiled as they left, leaning your head on the Frenchman. "Are you okay mon petite...? What 'appened in zis dream of yours...?"

 "Y-You left me..." You whispered, clinging onto his shirt,"You, and Vati and all left me alone..."

 He held you close, calming you as you began to cry once more. "Aww...mon petite, don't worry about such silly zings...we would never leave you alone..." Seeing that you wouldn't stop for some time, he lifted you in his arms and started pacing around the room, jouncing you in his arms and singing a French lullaby.

 Feeling calmer with these combined actions, you began to fall asleep once more. Vati came in, taking you from Papa and began to carry you downstairs. You smiled, seeing a tent of blankets (well-constructed at that) with an air mattress beneath it, lined with pillows and warm sheets.

 Padre was already asleep in the comfort of the living room and the tent. You loved sleeping in the tent because all your dad's could stay with you, making you feel safe and sound.

 Vati handed you to Padre who took you in his arms while the other two tucked themselves in. "Night Padre...Vati...Papa..."

 "Mon dieu! Why was I ze last one!?" Vati hit him in the chest, casing you to giggle. Your dads would always play pranks and bug each other and you honestly believed it was funny. "I'm 'urt mon petite!"

 "I love you Papa...!" You whispered, snuggling close to Padre, only to be ripped from his grasp and brought into a tight one. "P-Papa...!"

 "Please don't forget about me. Je t'aime mon petite...! I don't want you to 'ate me already!"

 Vati took you away, keeping your Papa from grabbing you again. "Gott, you're gunna kill her. Come here mein kind...don't worry about Papa...he'll learn to get over it."

 It was silent for awhile, letting you slip peacefully into sleep. Prussia looked at his friends who were now settling down. "I think...we should invite our 'families' over for Christmas..."

 "But I still think she's too young amigo..." Spain mumbled, trying to get comfortable. "Besides, I don't think it's good to have Roma in the house with her young mind..."

"Come onnn!" Prussia continued to pester,"I miss West!"

 "I zink it would be nice to see mon petite Mathieu and introduce him to his new sister..." France mumbled, relaxing in his spot. "Invite zem over I say. We'll just 'ave to keep Romano from cursing."

 "Better said than done mi amigo..."


 On Christmas Eve, your parents told you that their families would be coming for dinner. Your Papa helped you pick out a cute, festive dress and tied your (h/c) hair into a small ponytail with a maroon hair tie which matched your dress.

 When you heard someone enter, your Papa told you to stay put. New voices filled downstairs, making you feel anxious and even partially worried. Vati came in after awhile, dressed up nicely for once, telling Papa to change and meet his 'son' downstairs.

 You were left alone with Vati who noticed you getting nervous. Smiling, he kissed your forehead softly and took both your hands. He pulled you into an embrace and rubbed your back,"You don't have to worry about anything kind...I know they'll like you..."

 There was a light knocking at the door, both Papa and Padre were there with small smiles. "Do you want to meet everyone now chiquita...? They're all waiting for a surprise I promised them..."

 You nodded, watching as Vati stood up and took your hand. "Pst..." You looked up towards him, seeing him grinning happily,"Don't worry about anything, okay...? Vati's right here if you need him..."

 Following behind, you nodded. You froze before you got to the stairs, paralyzed in fear. Vati noticed and quickly went to your side, trying to keep the nervous tears at bay. "'s okay..."

 "Vati...I'm scared..." You whispered, clinging onto his neck.

 He grinned, picking you up and holding you close. Padre and Papa stopped too, looking up rather confused. Vati must've lipped something to them because they started talking to the people in the living room.

 You were now crying as Vati tried to calm you, whispering softly to you in German. "Please don't worry...I promise everything'll be you want me to carry you down kind...?"

 "I don't wanna..."

 "I promise you'll be okay..." He squeezed your hand softly,"Please...?"

 You nodded, grabbing tightly onto him as if for dear life. He walked you down the stairs where a vast amount of curious eyes fell on your small figure,"I'm sorry, she's a bit nervous about meeting you all."

 "Bruder, who's the kind?"

 Looking over, you saw a tall, muscular blond looking towards you with icy blue eyes. Padre and Papa jumped up, going on either side of him. "We'll everyone, this is our big surprise. La familia, this is our daughter."

 You were spun slightly to face the many judging faces and suddenly hid once more, crying into your Vati's shirt. "Oh, dios mio mi amiga..." Padre took you and cradled you in his arms. "It's's don't have to be afraid..."

 Papa came over, gently kissing your head. "Calm down mon petite...don't worry about you want to go upstairs for a little while...?"

 As you were about to respond, someone else's face appeared, a young man with amber hair and a curl jutting from the side came close. "What's wrong little banbina...? Are you nervous...?"

 You nodded into Padre's shirt, trying to wipe your eyes. The stranger took you in his arms, holding you so that your cheek was resting on his shoulder. "It's name is Feliciano. You can call me Feli if you want. I know Big brother France and big brother Spain really well...and my best friend's older brother is Prussia..."

 This man seemed nice and sweet, you quickly decided you liked him. A few people were talking nearby you but you ignored it. He was whispering a different language in your ear that closely resembled Spanish and French. His voice sounded so sweet and soft as he did, bouncing slightly in his arms as he did.

 The blond German man came over, resting a hand on the bubbly Italian's shoulder to calm him. You hid your face, slightly intimidated by the German's tough appearance. "Don't worry bambino. He looks really mean but he's super nice and helps me tie my shoes..."

 He continued on but you barely payed any notice. If you remembered right, this was Vati's brother. So that would make him your uncle. Pulling slightly away from Feliciano, you held your arms up and gave puppy eyes.

 The man seemed nervous to take you but calmed down once you were in his arms. Feliciano smiled, pressing next to the man and looking over towards you,"See bella. It's okay. This is Ludwig, Gilbert's little brother."

 "Uncle...Ludwig..." You said silently, snuggling close to him. "Onkel Ludvig..."

 "J-Ja..." He murmured, looking off nervously. Feliciano chuckled and brushed your hair from your face. "Feliciano..."

 "It's okay. She's just a little banbina." Feliciano said silently, looking at your innocent (e/c) eyes. "You almost seem like you're scared of her."

 He started saying things in German which you easily understood. Mainly it was along the lines of how he didn't know how to talk to children. "Onkel Ludwig..."

 "Ja kind?"

 "Vati taught me deutsch..." He seemed to pale slightly at this, pretty much telling him you could understand ever word he just muttered to himself. You giggled and hugged him around his neck. "I like you."

 With only two new faces introduced to you, you began to wonder what the rest might be like. Oh boy was the rest of the day going to be a rather interesting experience.
Like I said,
It turned Christmas.

Merry 1st day of Christmas!
Have a partridge in a pear tree guys!

I don't own you. Or Hetalia!
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nice but it is bambina,  bambino is boy
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So feli doesn't know how to tie his shoes? That's hilarious XD
SunnySunshine203 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh PADRe ! Dios mio yó have been like looking FOr you ! And by the way want to have some puto ? *gives some white bread* -Spain nosebleed - me ?

-to know- puto on Spanish is well..... Offensive word I rather not say ( this is what it's means = F*cking or must be clarified as s*x ) and on Filipino it means a kind of food ( well it taste like some kind of butter and milk actually but all and all it tastes GOOOD !~ btw I m a Filipino)
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mikmik121 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
Ah, yeah I get it. ^^
(And now I have been taught in some curses)
SunnySunshine203 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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