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November 30, 2012
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 A woman concealed herself for the cold weather that lay outside her door. She moved to a small, messy kitchen a scrawled a note, shoving it into her pocket before going back into her grungy living room.

 Looking over to the pulled-out bed/couch, she nearly bursted into tears seeing her small child's face sleeping so innocently and perfectly as though none of her disgusting home had even touched the baby.

 Scooping her up, she protected her joyous bundle before trudging out into a howling blizzard. The woman walked for about an hour or so, the scene of a bad neighborhood turning into that of the middle-class.

 Looking at the larger-than-average homes that lined the white streets, she picked one out. Quickly going up to the door, she made sure that the small infant was snug in her blankets. Her beautiful (e/c) eyes were shut and her breathing was getting uncomfortably shallow. Her nose was running.

 Kissing the baby on the forehead, she slipped the note into her blankets and knocked loudly on the door until she heard someone coming with a groan. Rushing back into the storm, she waited nearby to watch as someone opened the door, nearly missing the child.


 The Bad Touch Trio, all of which were knocked out after a night of partying, heard a loud knocking at the door. All of them were over at their Prussian friend's house and in the middle of the night, someone was knocking.

 Prussia got up and groaned, a headache getting to him. His two friends, Spain and France, awoke with the same reactions. "Don't worry guys, the awesome me will answer the door..."

 They watched as he went to the door, flicking the outdoor light on before opening the door. All he saw was snow viciously coming from the sky in front of him. He turned around with a laugh,"Some drunks must be playing a prank on the awesome me-"

 He was about to shut the door when he heard a small noise by his feet. His crimson eyes found a bundle of blankets on the front porch, moving slightly. Picking them up, he saw a small child was concealed in them.

 France and Spain came over, looking just as curious and surprised about the baby as he was. "I don't know if this was meant for us amigos..."

 "Check it's tag or something..." Prussia muttered, watching as the child's eyes opened, revealing a beautiful pair of (e/c) eyes. "She looks so innocent..." Her blank face turned into a small smile, making the three of them 'awwww' at her cuteness.

 "Let me see ze petite..." France said, holding his arms out. Prussia nervously handed the child over, expecting her to cry. A piece of paper fell from the blankets and Spain quickly picked it up.

 The child didn't cry or seem upset after being handed away from the albino Prussian. Spain read the message over and over before speaking up. "Chicos...I think you might want to hear this..."

 Both men looked towards the Spaniard before speaking,"Dear whoever it may concern. Thank you for taking in my daughter and I'm sorry for putting such a big responsibility on you. I can't afford a child as a single mother...I just wanted to have my darling daughter to have a good life..."

 France and Prussia looked towards the girl who now lay asleep in France's arms. Spain continued,"Her name is ____________. I understand if you won't adopt her in, just find her a good home. doesn't say who it's from..."

 The three men took in the letter during a silent moment before France handed the girl back over to Prussia. "We can't just leave 'er...poor zing..."

 "Then we'll raise her together verdamnit!" Prussia suddenly snapped, waking the girl up once more. Rather than crying, she looked more confused as to what awoke her. "If we could each take care of one kid, it'll be no problem raising one kid together."

 The threesome agreed, Spain taking the child and trying to get her to sleep once more. His soft voice began singing lightly in Spanish, the two smiling as he went over to the couch and sat down with the girl.

 France and Prussia sat beside him, smiling at the little girl in the Spaniard's arms sleeping comfortably once more. The three men began to softly discuss how this would work out. Since Prussia wasn't technically a country, he could watch her during world meetings. When she was old enough, they decided they would allow her to come.

 Watching her rest, they decided to call in a night and crawled on the mattress they had laid out on the floor along with various blankets and such. The three snuggled in, Spain resting in the center with the girl in his arms already sleeping peacefully. He still hummed gently, although the other two didn't seem to mind.

 As they fell asleep, they all began thinking about how they're going to have to change their lifestyles to become parents.

 "Dios mio..."

 "Mon dieu..."

 "Mein gott..."
Here come the Christmas inserts!

I know, it doesn't seem like it now but it will be.

You know how long I've had this?
October 11th was the last time I wrote anything on this story.
Thank you iPad for showing how much I wanted Christmas before Halloween.
This might've been during sandy too...
I can't remember. XD

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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lol u said threesome
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Well I'm in for an interesting childhood :)
France should be used to raising children, after all he DID raise Seychelles (I think he did anyway...) and Canada......Right?
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Prussia raised Germany ( but maybe he turned him into ..umm.. Pervert maybe ? ) and Spain raised Romano but turned quiet on a .. Ahem ... Stubborn ... One? Anyways ! That turned up that the Bad Touch Trio is equally AWSOME !
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Wonderful story, but in German "mein gott" translates to "my god"
Mean while "gute Nacht" means "goodnight"
Just a bit of a German lesson sorry if others already told you that.^^;
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