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September 15, 2012
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  After the first time you slept in the Axis base, you weren't allowed to, per say, sleep with Ludwig. So you would find yourself sleeping with Feliciano every night.

  But, you would always leave his tent and bug the German for a million reasons each night.

  "Ludwig...I need to go to the bathroom..."

  "Ludwig...I'm thirsty..."

  "Ludwig...I think I heard something outside my tent..."

  "Ludwig...I need to use the bathroom again..."

  You had no clue the man had a short temper but he seemed to be handling it for you. After all, you appeared to be a 5 year old girl and all you really wanted was to feel safe in his arms.

  So, you'd continue to pester him until you did so. Many times at night, you'd trip in the dirt but no one noticed until the next day. Ludwig didn't even seem to notice it was because of your running back and forth.

  One night, after bugging the German a few times already, you woke up completely fearful. All you wanted was your daddy to be sleeping right beside you, to tell you everything was okay.

  Rushing to Ludwig's tent, you tripped and fell hard into the dirt. Quickly scraping yourself up, you half-ran, half-limped to the German's tent. Climbing into Ludwig's bed, you shook his chest to awake him.

  Usually when you woke him up, you would just say him name until he arose. This time though, you just needed him to wake up quickly. His blue eyes opened, glaring at you through the dark. "Vhat is it zis time!?"

  The sudden loudness of his voice with just that tone of anger sent you over, tears falling from your (e/c) eyes. "I...I had a nightmare...!" You cried out pathetically, wanting nothing more than for arms to be around you.

  He reached out, scaring you slightly and causing you to fall back onto the ground. Quickly getting an oil lamp lit (as he intended to do), he noticed the scrapes, dirt and blood on your knees as you curled yourself up.

  To see you in such a pathetic state, he felt honestly bad for getting mad at you. Picking you up off the ground, he held your shaking, broken body in his arms, trying not to hurt you again.

  Grabbing his shirt, you began sobbing loudly into it. Unknowing as to what to do, he just jounced you in his arms, trying to calm you down. It seemed to help you a bit, helping to cease your sobs.

  Bringing your chin up to his shoulder, he grabbed a first aid kit and cleaned off your fresh wounds. By the time he had finished disinfecting your scrapes and bandaged them up, you were on your side falling asleep.

  Ludwig wasn't going to bother moving you, you'd probably end up causing more problems if he did. Laying under the sheets, he pulled you onto his chest as you did the first night and breathed out.

  "I'm sorry I got you mad..." You said in a gentle voice, your breath shakily coming in and out. "I...I didn't mean to get you mad at me..."

  "Nein," He said as equally gentle,"I didn't mean to get mad at you. Just try und sleep liebling..."

  "Mhm..." Your heavy eyelids shut slowly. "M...Momma..."

  "...was...?" He said almost inaudible to anyone. "Mutti...? W-Was...?"

  "M...Mutti...?" You repeated in question,"What's a 'mutti?'"

  "It means 'mom' in German..." He said hollowly, not even knowing how to rebuttal to being called a mother.

  Snuggling into his shirt, you sighed contently. "Night mutti..."

  "J...Ja...gut nacht..." Groaning slightly, he watched as you fell asleep peacefully on his chest once more. Rolling his eyes, he kissed your forehead and went off to sleep himself.


  Japan had come in earlier, trying to figure out why Germany wasn't bossing him and Italy around all morning. Seeing you sleeping peacefully with the rough-edged German made him smile from ear to ear.

  As he went back to his tent, he was suddenly ambushed, his mouth covered to keep him from freaking out over the contact and waking the rest of the encampment.

  He saw some of the other allies prowling around, poking their heads into some of the tents. They were obviously there to come get you with numbers on their side.

  Japan suddenly realized this child might've been the 'woman' nation they sought to find was you. But you were still important to them, as if they had parental instincts.

  Italy was dragged out by France, his mouth cover and his body writhing in his arms. He struggled slightly to get the weaker nation away and over towards Japan where he was tied in ropes.

  Ivan ended up finding you curled up on Germany's chest to his confusion. Going over, he lifted your unconscious body up, only to wake you up to see you being lifted away.

  Without thinking, you let out a scream to wake him up. And wake him up it did. His eyes opened to see the Russian holding you close and suddenly, they went cold. "We came to take our little __________ back, da?"


  There wasn't much he could say to that. You didn't belong to them, you belonged to the allies. It was only an accident that they took an innocent child, right?

  "Liebling...zey're your family, aren't zey?" He asked in a calm voice (although he was quite ready to wield his maternal instincts take you back from the Russian).

  "They're my allies..." You said softly. "I'm a country too-"

  Russia clamped his hand over your mouth to keep you from saying any more. "We go back to your daddy, da? We have been worried about you-"

  Germany snatched you back but didn't budge,"Give me ein minute und zen I'll give her back..." The Russian agreed, seeing nothing wrong with it.

  "Mutti...I don't wanna leave you..."

  His arms wrapped around you briefly before he pulled away to look at you,"Ve'll see each ozher belong vith ze allies...none us vant to hurt you, you know zat."

  He saluted, a small smile on his face. But you just ran into his stomach, hugging him tightly until his arms wrapped around you. Ivan's interlude pulls you two apart once more, this time, driving you away from Ludwig.

  As you passed the two incapacitated axis members, you waved and watched as their figures shrunk. "You seem okay. They didn't hurt you, da?"

  "Mutti..." You murmured, relaxing your head on his chest. "I'm okay Ivan...they didn't hurt me..."

  "Why are your knees bandaged up sunflower?" He asked, stopping to look at the white bandages covering up your knees,"You didn't have those when you were taken, da?"

  "I fell..." You showed him your scraped hands as well as proof. "But I'm okay now."

  "You're really strong, aren't you...?"

  Snuggling closer to the Russian, you desperately tried to stay awake. Apparently, he noticed and chuckled softly,"You can rest. It's too early for you to be awake, da...?"

  Nodding, you shut your eyes. Still, you felt partially empty inside which led you to rest a hand on your chest.

To be continued...
Yea, I wanted to post it earlier.

I was watching Lion King 1 1/2 and I got the idea of reader-tan pestering Germany until he snapped and let you stay with him...
Don't judge.
I'm crying over Makorra and Borra feels now.
Bolin...why you do this to me!? Ask her OUT!
Wait, he just did...
And she denied.
And he made her laugh.
Omg, this is effing cuteeee!

Lolz, I'm not going to bore you all.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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