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September 16, 2012
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  America poked his heads in one of the tents, surprised to see the German man up and moving. Both blue eyes locked for a second, sharing the same amount of worry and anger in them for the same reasons.

  "Where is she Lud?" America said in a sharp tone.

  "I told you not to call me zat." Germany rebutted, crossing his arms across his chest. "Ivan already took her avay from me so you can go."

  America pushed the entrance of the tent open and stormed in, glaring at the slightly-taller German man,"I swear, if you did anything to hurt my little girl while I was gone-"

  "It vas a mistake." Germany cut off, pushing America away from him,"Italy though she vas a girl kidnapped from one of our countries und took her. Ve had no idea she vas a country until now. Ve didn't hurt her."

  The fire in the American's eyes died down, his selfish anger out of the way now revealing something in the German's eyes as well. Pain.

  "You liked her...didn't you Lud?" Germany nodded solemnly, shutting his eyes and sighing. "That's why you wouldn't have hurt her even if you were told to, right?"

  "Ja. She started calling me 'mom' vhile you vere gone." Both enemies shared a soft laugh.

  "Well hi. I'm the dad." America tried to joke once more but finding no success. "I guess I'm gunna go. I'll untie your friends before any of your soldier's wake up."

  America turned to leave, opening the door and whistling a signal before turning to Germany once more with a smile,"Thanks. Old friend."

  With that, he dashed out to untie the other two axis members and get back to camp where you were probably relaxing comfortably.


  Alfred was hugging you tightly as you woke up. He was sleeping but showed no signs of letting you go anytime soon. "D...Daddy...wake up daddy...I can't breath..."

  His grip released quickly, allowing you fresh air,"I'm sorry sweetie. You're okay, right?

  "Mhm..." You mumbled, looking up towards the American with a smile. "They were nice to me daddy, I promise."

  He chuckled softly at your innocence,"I know. Ivan told me how you scraped up your knees."

  Taking your wrists, he examined the scratches on your hand and lifted you up into his arms with a smile,"How about we clean up your hands while Yao gets some more of those dumplings you like, hm?"

  "I want to try daddy's food." You said happily as he carried you to the others in another part of the base. Francis took you in his arms as Alfred went to get you food.

  "Your papa said zat you 'urt vos petites mains?" Nodding, you showed him the scrapes on your hands. "Mon dieu! You are such a strong little fille, non? We'll fix zis up in no time."

  Sitting you down on a table, he smiled at you before looking towards Caterpillars,"Angelterre, can you fetch ze first aid kit for ze petite ___________?"

  He mumbled something in the background before fetching a white metal box with a red cross on top. Caterpillars left, but not before kissing the top of your (h/c) head.

  Taking your wrist, he began to clean off the dirt with a painful piece of cloth. "I know zis 'urts a bit but bear wis me." You did as he asked and bit your lip to keep from complaining. "You're such a good girl, non? All better."

  Yao picked you up while Francis cleaned up the kit,"Ai yah, why are you such a cutie? We were so worried about you aru."

  Ivan enveloped you both into a hug,"She's okay Yao-Yao. I'm happy they did not hurt you little sunflower."

  "Give me the little bugger." Caterpillars somehow grabbed you in the mess of people gripping onto you. "Why don't you just leave her alone-"

  Francis came up from behind, wrapping his arms around Caterpillar's waist and kissing his cheek. You knew he was going to boil over from just that simple gesture. 

  "Bloody hell you goddamned frog!"

  "Watch your language in front of ze petite Angelterre! Or I will 'ave to wash your mouse out wis soap!"

  Alfred came in, taking you from the two quarreling men and handing you over a hamburger. You ingested it happily, watching at the others fought with each other.

  Somewhere, you felt like you never wanted this to end.


  It's been a few years since the war has passed, your age relevantly the same when Alfred took you somewhere. He told you that you'd be seeing England, France and another friend there.

  The whole flight over to your destination, you were fidgeting and jumping in your seat. But you didn't realize what country you were in until later. Caterpillars and Francis drove you and your daddy somewhere but you were unconscious in the backseat.

  When you awoke, you weren't with your daddy. You weren't with Francis and you weren't with Caterpillars. "M...Mutti...?"

  Yes, you were relaxing upon a beaten-up figure of Ludwig. He was sitting up, resting against the backboard of a bed while you rested in his lap. Bandages. Weariness. All these signs of the passed war polluted him.

  His black wife's beater wasn't present, only white bandages covering most of his torso with the iron cross necklace hanging near the center of his chest. On his shoulders, his green jacket hung freely. You didn't even realize, you had won the war. Ludwig lost.

  "I'm glad you're doing vell ___________..." He spoke softly, cupping your cheek in his larger hand. You rested your hand within it, shutting your eyes as tears surfaced. "It's okay liebling..."

  Nodding, you let a few tears shed as he caressed your cheek gently. "I...I missed you Ludwig..."

  "I know. But I promised zat ve vould see each ozher again, didn't I?" Letting you lay down comfortably, you found yourself falling asleep once more.

  "I was gunna come in a minute ago," America said from outside the door,"England and France wanted to see her before she fell asleep again but I guess I'm too late."

  "Just let her sleep..." He said softly, watching as the door opened to the American man. "But if you vant, you can take her..."

  America walked in, sitting at a chair beside Germany and sighing. "I think I'd rather have her stick with you for a bit. If you don't mind I mean." He grunted slightly in response. "Are you okay...? I mean, with your brother and all..."

  The room was silent for a moment, as if he didn't want to talk about it. "Mein bruder is an idiot...but he's strong...I'm just hoping zat he'll be okay..."

  Again, the room fell silent as America tried to think of something to say. "I wouldn't worry then. How do your wounds feel...? Need anything before I go?"
  "Nein, I'm fine. Danke."

  He sat for a moment, completely still before standing up and taking you into his arms. Placing a kiss on your forehead, he allowed you to rest with Germany once more.

  Turning around, there was a smile on his face,"If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask...honey."

  "Ja, ja..."

  As he slipped out of the room, America added one more comment,"Wait until your big brother finds out your a mommy."

The End.
Yea, it's over.
The last part was Cold War stuffs, thought it would be kinda apropirate.
I guess.


I don't own you or Hetalia!
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