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September 15, 2012
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  As you came to, you expected Alfred's arms to be wrapped around you, your body on his with his stomach raising and dropping you. But rather than muscular arms and (a chubby) stomach, you were laying in a bed, someone's pencil-like arms around you.

  People were talking silently in the room, probably only two people at least. Their voices were unfamiliar and hushed, as of trying to keep from awakening you. The second you opened your eyes, you realized you weren't in the same tent as you fell asleep in. Beside you lay a man, light-brown hair with a curl sticking from the side.

  Pushing him away, you squeaked in fear. This must've woken him up, only his eyes didn't open. "Ve~ what's wrong little ragazza...? Are you feeling okay...?"

  Holding yourself, loud sobs irrupted. The boy in front of you had no clue what to do, a panicked look on his face. "D-Daddy...! I-I want my d-daddy!"


  The boy in front of you took you in his arms and hugged you,"Please...bella...stop crying...! E-Everything is okay...! Don't cry...!"

  You fought your way out of his arms, looking towards the other two men in the room. One was a short, Asiatic man and the other was a tall, blond, muscular man.

  Unintentionally, you ran towards the taller man, grabbing onto his leg and buried your face within the pant sleeve. His muscles tensed, you could easily tell. After a moment, the other man pried you away from him. As you were, you screamed as if being stabbed, immediately causing him to drop you.

  Gathering yourself up off the ground, you went back over to the taller man and stayed at his side. You just felt safe with him, maybe because he had a similar build to your daddy. It felt more familiar.

  After a hesitant moment, he lifted you into his arms and sighed. His cheeks were dusting pink with embarrassment. You could easily tell he wasn't used to, nor good with children.

  The Italian boy came over, looking towards you, then back at his assumed friend. "Just rock her and forth. She's a little ragazza, what's the worst that could happen?"

  "Don't say zat..." He replied under his breath with a sharp tone. Looking back at your crying form, he allowed a small smile to tug the corners of his lips as he brought you closer to his chest.

  Snuggling closer, you noticed his face turning even deeper red. He was completely uncomfortable with the situation at hand. Your sobs had ceased moments ago, a smile now shining through the tears.

  "A...Ah...h-hallo kind. I'm Ludvig...erm..." Just his nervousness made you laugh, making the three look at you in disbelief. Relaxing in his arms now, you felt tired and worn. "Vhat's wrong?"

  "She tired Luddy." The Italian mumbled, ready to take you away once more. In a swift motion, you gripped his shirt tightly and hid your face. The only one you were going to trust right now was Ludwig, you made that perfectly clear.

  Nodding, he went to the bed you were just laying on and tucked you in. But he didn't climb in beside you. "Come sleep with me..."

  "I need to go over a few zings...zen I'll lay down vith you, okay kind?" Not able to do much, you nodded and curled up. All three of them seemed tired, making you quickly suspect that they were awake for most of the night.

  It was impossible to sleep, you felt uncomfortable without someone sleeping with you. Peering over at them, you could feel tears welling up in your eyes once more. A sniffle got all of their attentions.

  The German man went over towards you, sitting on the edge of your bed. "I zink ve should go to'll talk about zis once ve're all rested enough, alright?"

  Both nodded and left you alone. Ludwig scooted in bed beside you, not expecting it when you climbed on his chest and started falling asleep. "G-Gut nacht kind..."

  "_____________..." You said in a low voice, resting your head on his chest,"Your heartbeat is strong. But it's also really gentle...really soothing and calming..."

  He didn't know how to respond so he just wrapped his arms around you and mumbled something to himself. Giggling, you kissed his nose and rested yourself again.

  Ludwig turned his head so that in the case you were still awake, you couldn't see the massive blush spreading across his face at break-neck speeds.


  Alfred didn't feel like a hero. A girl who he met days ago who considered him her father had been taken. Any why? Because he was too busy that night to make sure that his little girl was being watched by someone.

  He had been thinking of ways to get you back since you had been taken, the easiest idea had been to just storm in and get you back. The allies had always seemed to be able to hold their own against the axis.

  If they had you though, they could easily use you against them. He didn't even want to know what the axis trio might be putting you through right now. He would try and help configure a plan, but he felt so useless.

  The other allies weren't much better. All of them seemed to be off without the zesty little child running around the base. America already missed the company of having you resting with him at night.

  Maybe you'd be okay. Italy wasn't much of a violent person and could easily get either of them to leave you alone. Besides, he loved children so the odds are that you'd be safe around him.

  Then again, at night, he'd be deep in sleep. These mental battles went along for days at a time. When they raged, he couldn't concentrate on anything but that no matter how hard he tried.

  A few days of withdrawing, he came with an idea of how to take you back. It looked rather surprising to see him out of bed. That or to see the state of dishevel he was in.

  "Listen guys, I know I've been kinda...out of it lately, but the hero is back!" His old personality seemed like a good sign. "And I'm determined to get our little ____________ back!"

  "You have an idea?" Yao asked, straightening his posture to look better at the taller nation.

  America nodded, slamming his hands on the table,"We go right in and demand to take her back. But here's the thing..."

To be continued...
Nope. Not Italy.
I think that a child might go to someone he or she finds more familiar and comfortable with.
Reader-tan is used to be being held by America who (apparently) has the build of a high school football player.
Reader-tan isnt use to small, pencil-like arms defending her. (Sorry to Italy and Japan)

Yea, I know that a child could also be attracted to the child-like aura of Italy but you feel weak. You don't know where you are or who these people you're with are. You want to feel safe in your dad's arms, ergo, you go to the one who's bigger and seems most familiar to America.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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