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September 13, 2012
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  Your small body collapsed on the ground in fatigue of the muscles and mind. It has only been a few years since you have been tossed into the mess of a war by your boss. As a child. A young little nation that couldn't fend for herself.

  Sure, a nation would never even dream of harming a young nation but the troops were under the control of their bosses. The bosses were in control of the countries. They wouldn't think twice about attacking anyone trespassing on their land.

  Digging your nails into the ground, you let tears spill as you tried to keep moving away. Branches snapped behind you, making you fear that an enemy was coming to defeat you.

  The second a sandy blond-haired boy bustled out of the bushes, you screamed and covered your head. There wasn't much hope for you anymore, the thought suddenly brought sobs up.

  "Hey, what's a little dudette doing out here?" His arms enveloped you, holding you uncertain as to what to do with you. You, on the other hand, we're still sobbing in fear. "You're hurt...lemmie get you back to base and have those fixed up."

  He brought you close to his body, wrapping you up in the right side of his coat and started walking away with you. Grabbing onto his shirt, you hid your face on it, letting a few tears out once more but calming down.

  "Do you have a name kiddo?" The man asked calmly, walking into a military camp. "My name is Alfred F. Jones."

  "_-_________..." You nearly whisper.

  He laughed slightly, jouncing you in his arms,"That's a cute name, isn't it? I like it."

   "Thank you..."

  He carried you into the tent with a cross on it, leaving you in the hands of a complete stranger. A pretty nurse took you and started taking care of the small cuts and wounds you had.

  She never asked why a child was in the midst of a battle field.

  A moppy blond-haired man came in. You giggled at the size of his eyebrows which were enormous in stature. "America sent me to get the girl." America

  He reached out and took your small, frail body in his arms and carried you away. You waved towards the nurse as you left which she responded with a polite little wave back.

  "You're a young country, aren't you? Your boss just signed your declaration of war a few months ago." Wriggling in his arms, you didn't feel comfortable to where this conversation was going. "Don't worry love. We'll keep you safe."

  You were brought into another tent where three unfamiliar faces (and Alfred) sat in apparent wait. The second you were brought in, everyone began to swarm, commenting on something about you.

  The suddenness of it all caused your lips to quiver and sobs to erupt once more. Caterpillar brows began rocking you, trying to calm you down and stop crying with little avail.

  Another person snatched you in their arms. It was the only brunette in the room. His hair tied in the back. Somehow, you were more soothed by him (maybe because of his feminine looks) and calmed down rather quickly.

  "Ai yah, did the other allies scare you?" He asked in a gentle voice, calming you down further. "It's okay little one, they're just curious why a young girl is here."

  "M...My boss...made me..." You said in a low voice, only to get snatched by a long-haired blond under the arms.

  "Don't tell me you are a country!?" He said out loud, scaring you once more,"'ho in ze right mind would send a little country like you into ze battlefield-!?"

  Once more, you started crying in shock and hurt. Alfred took you this time, allowing you to rest your head on his shoulder as he paced the room slightly,"Hey...calm down __________. We know Francis is a scary man but you're okay. I'll make sure none of them bother you."

  Grabbing his shirt, you felt relief wash over you and began nodding off with him. Caterpillar-brows came behind Alfred and looked at you with soft emerald eyes,"Can you just tell us what country you are love...?"

  "I'm the country of ____________..." You said in a low voice, your (e/c) eyes already drooping. He stepped off after that, noticing that after such a long day you were probably exhausted.

  Alfred rubbed your back softly and readjusted you in his arms. "How's about you come lay down with me for tonight? I'll make sure that you're protect. The hero won't let you get hurt on his watch!"

  Wrapping your arms around his neck. You couldn't care who you were sleeping with or where you were going to rest, all you wanted to do was shut your eyes and sleep.

  "We can take shifts on who watches her at night. I guess I'll watch her for now," Alfred continued to the others, resting his head on yours. "We can figure the rest out tomorrow."

  "I'll look into her country." Caterpillar-brows said afterwards. "Maybe she'll have some reliable sources in her country that we can use."

  "Sleep..." You said in a soft voice, snuggling closer to him.

  Alfred laughed, trying to keep his voice down,"We're going, we're going. Good night everyone."

  Both of you left, your (e/c) eyes already shutting before you were even laying down. Alfred allowed you to rest on his chest, his bomber jacket resting over your body. "Good night __________..."

  "Night...daddy..." Alfred felt his body freeze as you said that. Sure, he found you but both of you were nations. For a younger nation to bond so close to an older nation in just a few hours was rather shocking.

  Still, he wrapped his arms around you and held you close to him,"I promise, I won't let anything hurt you..."

To be continued...
I decided to try this out.
No, I don't know why. XD
Papa Alfredo. Lolz, it's cute~
It'll be kind of funny when the Axis come in. Ohhh I'm terrible~ :D

I don't own you or Hetalia.
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