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February 17, 2013
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 Silently, you slipped into the strange home, a home that looked so perfectly normal on the outside. Yet you knew what dangers and truth was beheld on the inside.

 Only a few seconds after entering did a knife whizz past your head and lodge itself into the wall beside you. Across the room at an arched entryway stood a young man, dark amber hair and olive skin standing there, his crimson eyes burning with fury.

 The anger quickly ebbed and he groaned. "Hey fratello! You're stupid friend is here! You could've warned me before I nearly took his head off!"

 Lovino, your friend, walked in wearing a fashionable outfit, complete with Gucci belt and designer sunglasses. Every second, you noticed another expensive designer brand sticking out.

 He looked at you, his eyes widening. "Did someone jump you on the way here?"


 In a second, he was at your side and pulling your long sleeve sweatshirt's sleeves. "Don't tell me you go around looking like this in public (male name)? No, no, no, this won't do."

 He grabbed your hand, dragging you to his room. "I have a few outfits that would suit you nicely! And don't worry your little head off...I can get your hair to look much nicer than it is!"

 Silently, you followed while he sat you on his bed and began to dig around. It took him a few minutes before laying a pile of clothes out for you. He began pulling things out, throwing them towards you with a smile.

 He looked towards you expectantly as you stared at the clothes. "Well...? Go on. I chose those for you now lemme see what you look like in them!"

 "Get out then."


 "Go!" You snapped, pushing him out of the door. "I don't like people watching me getting dressed! I'll come out when I'm dressed!"

 With that, you slammed the door in his face, taking in a deep breath. As you stripped your baggy clothing off to near-skin, you saw your binder over your chest in the mirror.

 You dressed quickly, looking at your reflection for a moment before going out to show Lovino. For an hour, you both wasted time just playing dress-up with you as the doll.

 Truthfully, you hated this so much. That's why you dressed as a boy most of the time and went to an all-boys private school. It's not that you hated being a girl but sometimes you felt it was so much easier to be a boy.

 In the middle of dressing yourself, the door open to reveal Lovino standing there with a smile. Both of your froze, a shirt half over your body and his eyes on your chest which had been concealed completely beneath your clothes.

 Lovino simply stepped out, the single expression on his face remaining. Without caring much, you slipped on the shirt you were putting on and went out to the hallways to face Lovino.

 He glanced towards you as you peaked your head out. "H-Hi..."

 "What exactly was...?" He said simply, just looking at you blankly. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you...a girl...?"


 "I don't see why you don't like dressing up-"

 "Because I'm not pretty. I never feel pretty and everyone I've ever met thinks the same." You cut off softly. "I hate the drama and the pressure...I hate having to feel like I need to be perfect to be accepted. Makeup is nasty and everyone is bitchy at least once a month."

  Lovino came over, pulling you from your spot and looking you over once more. "Don't say you're not pretty. Everyone on earth is beautiful whether it be inside or outside." His hand gently caressed your cheek. "You're both."

 "Yeah, right..."

 "Don't put yourself down (Male name)-" he stopped, looking back towards you. "That's not your name is it?"

 "It's (Name)..."

 He nodded, playing with the short strands of your (h/c) hair. "I think today's not a good day to go out with one about we stay here then or do something another time..."

 "How about we just watch a movie or something then..." You murmured, snuggling into his chest as he kissed your hairline.
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It's an alternate universe thing.
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