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August 6, 2012
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  Chills griped your small body as you desperately tried to warm up. People passed on the snowy sidewalks where you sat in watch, not even sparing a passing glance towards you, a poor girl only four sitting amist a pile of white snow.

  Your nose was sniffling, your throat burning and your body freezing. Huddling yourself closer together, you tried desperately to warm yourself up. Again, you sniffled your nose and let out a sneeze.

  The snow in front of you crunched as people walked making it hard to head when one pair stopped in front of you. Someone picked you up, a stranger who was completely warm.

  Bringing your head up, you noticed his hair and skin-tone were rather dark and his eyes were a beautiful violet color. "What is a little cutie-pie ragazza like you doing outside on her own?"

  Someone brushed by, rather similar but with auburn hair and a fairer skin tone than the one who held you. "Put her down Lovino. She might have fleas or something..."

  He looked at you, unsure as to listen to the other and leave you or just take him as he wished. In the end, you were being held in his arms carefully as he followed behind the other man,"I'm not leaving her fratello."

  "I'm telling you she's got diseases or something-"

  Suddenly, the warm violet eyes the man held turned cold. "You live in my house fratello. And I say she can stay with us! If you don't like it, go stay with Lutz!"

  "I live in the damned house too Lovino!" The other man snapped back,"I think I should be allowed to decided whether or not to take in a dirty, disease-ridden...thing into the house!"

  Hearing the poison in his voice, your lip began to tremble before tears finally spilled. "Now look what you did you dumbass! You scared the poor ragazza!" The man holding you bit back before jouncing you in his arms,"Shh...don't cry otherwise you'll even more sick..."

  You sneezed once more before nodding as he walked along. The meanie-head Italian was walking ahead of you, mumbling things in Italian. "My name is Lovino...that's my little brother Feliciano. Sorry about that, we don't really get along too well with each other sometimes..."

  "I-I'm _-_________..." Your voice squeaked as you snuggled closer to the Italian. "N-Nice to meet you..."

  Lovino pulled you closer, rubbing your arms to warm your frozen body up,"How long have you been out here by yourself? Who left you alone out there?"

  "M-Mama did..." Your voice trembled once more,"I-I went to the store a-and she left me there...t-the people k-kicked me out at the end of the day and n-now I'm all alone!"

  Sobs erupted once more, bringing your face into his shirt. The man rocked you in his arms, his comfort making your chest not hurt as much. "Don't you worry ___________, me and my fratello'll watch over you."

  "Why are you dragging me into this!?" Feliciano snapped from ahead, not even looking back. "What did the stupid ragazza ever do for me, eh!?"

  "Don't listen to him..." He whispered, holding you closer and warming you up even more. "Just stay with me and you'll be okay..."

  The rest of the walk home was silent except for your occasional sniffles or sneezes followed by coaxing Italian words he would feed afterwards. You were brought into a strange house which seemed fresh and clean before being set down on the couch.

  Feliciano just left, not wanting to bother with the situation at hand. Lovino brought you to a bathroom, starting a bath up for you. He held you over the porcelain tub and allowed you to judge the temperature for yourself. When you assured it was a good and warm, he ran out to grab a change of cloths and a towel before returning to turn off the water. 

  "When you're done, just come into the last door on the right, okay?" You agreed before he left you to rinse yourself off, all the dirt and cold melting off of your body as you laid in the warm water. You didn't stay in terribly long, just enough to heat up and cleans yourself before drying off and putting the cozy cloths Lovino gave you.

  You walked down the halls, you dragged the dampened towel over your shoulder until you made it to what you believed was the right door before abandoning it outside.

  The second you entered the room, you were faced with cold, violet eyes. Instead of going to the door on the right, you went left and ended up in Feliciano's bedroom instead. He didn't say anything before you started to cry silently in fear of what might happen.

  His eyes rolled before he came up to you, crouching down in front of of you and sighing. "What? Why are you crying ragazza idiota? I didn't even do anything."

  "I-I..." You squeaked. "I-I want Lovino..."

  Again, the man let out a sigh before picking you up. The one thing you noticed is that he smelt like tar and smoke. Your body was frozen in his arms, you were truly frightened being around him.

  He carried you farther from the door, sitting you on his bed and laying down lazily on it. You sneezed softly before moving beside the Italian and began to cry out once more. He didn't look happy but wrapped his arms around you and tried to calm you down.

  "Quit crying, will ya? I'm not killing ya or anything, God..." Hearing this, you began to sob into his chest completely frightened. "Shut up! I said I'm not!"

  "I-I'm sorry...! I-I didn't mean to..." Your voice panicked before tears replaced your voice once more. Seeing this occurrence, the Italian brushed away the tears embarrassingly. "I'm sorry..."

  "Stop talking..." He hissed softly, rubbing your back as you hiccuped and sniffled. "Just take deep breaths." He demonstrated, taking a deep lung-full of air in his nose and breathing out through his mouth.

  You allowed him to do this a few times before falling in sync, finding it harder not to cry as your body trembled. Feliciano noticed and took your small hand in one of his larger ones, massaging it gently. "Just breath...I don't wanna hear your voice just...breath."

  This seemed to help until you felt everything just crash on top of you. Your mother left you alone, knowing that they would kick you out eventually into the cold snow. If these two hadn't found you, you would've surely died in the snow.

  And like that, you began sobbing loudly, enough to get Lovino into the room to see his brother trying to comfort you as you bawled into his nightshirt. Lovino rushed over to your side, glaring at his brother who just held his hands up in response.

  Lovino took you, bouncing you in his arms and shushing you. "What did mean ol' Feliciano do to you, huh?" You brought your head into his shoulder and shook your head. "Nothing...?"

  "M-Mama..." You cried out, hiccuping and tears falling. "I-I...mama...I-I coulda..."

  Feliciano picked you up once more, sitting at the edge of the bed and placing you on his lap so that you could look up at him. "No talking...just breath...deep breaths..."

  You nodded, breathing in roughly at first. Lovino knelt down beside you two, rubbing your back to coax you softly. Feliciano demonstrated once more before you began to do so, calming down and letting the last tears roll.

  Lovino lifted you up off Feliciano's lap and held you close, deciding not to bring up the subject again tonight. "Thank you Feli...I guess you're tired about we go lay down...?"

  You nodded, being brought out of the room only to look at Feliciano looking slightly confused. Bringing your arm up, you waved at him to which he waved back until you were in Lovino's room.

  Laying down, you fell asleep immediately in exhaustion. These two were rather interesting characters to say the least. Maybe you'd like hanging around these too for awhile.

  You know...

  If you survive...

What the hell...did I just write...?

I think 2p Romano would be cute but hold a grudge with his brother, that being the only time he gets mad.
Headcanonnnns~ :iconpervyfranceplz:

I dont understand why all you guys think the 2ps are bad. Omg, Beeks 2p Arthur, the one that he usually used is the SWEETEST MOFO EVAH! Unless he hates you...or gets mad...but he's got a puppy named Sugar!!! A puppy guys!

He only makes poison cupcakes for those he hates. Hell, he made cupcakes for kindergardeners...

And his sassafrancing cat, Cupcake...that hates France. //herp derp

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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