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October 27, 2012
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  "Matthew?" The man looked over towards me, a normally cold look in his violet eyes. "When was the last time you have ever gotten any sleep? You have bags under your eyes."

  He growled slightly in detest, looking away from you. Sighing, you faced away from him. You loved your Canadian beau to pieces but you couldn't help worrying over everything which, in turn, would annoy him further.

  Currently, you two were snuggled up on couch watching some cheesy movie as rain poured outside. Both you and him were wrapped up in a warm felt blanket together with him holding you in his arms.

  Matthew's long hair was let down for once and his shades were sitting on the coffee table in front of you. His arms were protectively wrapped around your smaller body. His shirt was unbuttoned all the way down but a white gauze covered most of his bare chest.

  Resting his chin on your (h/c) head, he sighed. "I haven't slept in a long time ____________. I'm just stressed or whatever. Arthur is constantly bugging me, Alfred is such a pain...I have a lot on my plate."

  You were very self-aware of Matthew's family. Although he didn't speak about him much, Matthew was close to his father, Francis. He took rather good care of him. Then he was eventually handed over to the care of Arthur who, in turn, was a whole different ballpark.

  Arthur, although loving Matthew very much, was rather clingy towards his pretty much adopted son. It was a hindrance to Matthew every time they are together, he never seems to want to leave Matthew alone for even a millisecond.

  Alfred, his younger brother was worlds away in comparison. Alfred was sometimes described as the morning light to Matthew. There was no way to hate him and yet there was always something that seemed to aggravate him. Whether it be his brother'll perverted suggestions or their constant arguments with one another.

  "But sleep is important Matthew. Even if we are countries." You said silently, snuggling closer to him. "I worry so much about you Matt..."

  He nestled you closer, brushing your hair gently,"I'm fine. You should worry more about yourself anyway. Your economy is already bad, I'm worried that you'll get sick eventually..."

  "I feel fine Matt, please stop changing the subject," You stated more firmly this time,"Can you just shut your eyes for ten minutes, ten minutes is all I ask of you."

  Matthew nodded, resting his head on yours and shutting his tired eyes. A smile found your lips as you began to fall asleep yourself. He was so comfortable to rest on,"Je t'aime..."

  "Sleep..." You mumble, hitting him lazily as you began to draw under.

  It felt like 2 minutes when you were being awoken by him, the house pitch-black. "The power went out..." Matthew's voice silently breathed, holding you closer. "Don't worry much, 'kay?"

  Before you could even ask why to worry, a bolt of lightning lit up the house. Quickly, you buried your face into his shirt and hid under the blanket you lay under. Matthew held you close, rubbing your shoulder as you shook.

  "How long was I out...?" You whispered nervously.

  "About half an hour...I couldn't sleep..." He muttered, bringing your body down and laying with you in his arms.

  You turned around and smacked his arm again,"I told you to go to sleep-!" You squeaked as a rumble of thunder boomed overhead. "Y-You promised you'd go to sleep...! I'm so worried about you Matt...! Can't you see that...?"

  He pulled you closer by your waist, pulling the blanket over your head to keep you from seeing the lighting. Next, he covered your ears to make sure you wouldn't hear it as much. You smiled at the gesture. Sure Matthew wasn't the most romantic but his heart always seemed it the right place when it needed to be.

  "Honestly," He scoffed,"You're like a three-year old..."

  You stuck your tongue out and sighed, pressing your face into his chest once more. "Mattie...? I want you to fall asleep...I'm going to get sick if I keep worrying about you so...please..."

  He nodded, relaxing once more. You hummed softly, trying to actually lure him into sleep. After a few moments, you realized his eyes were shut and he was sleeping peacefully with lips pursed.

  Smiling, you pressed your lips softly against his and began to fall asleep yourself.


  Matthew woke up later on, the sun long since up. He wouldn't hastily admit it but it felt nice to have a good night of sleep. Usually when he fell asleep, he would awaken from fear. But when you were beside him, he felt almost safe.

  You were resting your head on the crook of his neck with a small trickle of drool coming from the corner of your mouth. Matthew smiled slightly, using his already dampened shirt to wipe the drool on your face away before relaxing with you once more.

  You moved slightly, resting your head by his and mumbling incoherent words to him. He shook you, trying to awaken you but to no avail. Gently moving you, he got up to leave only to have you grab his pants to keep him from leaving you.

  "Did you sleep good _________?" He mumbled, sitting back down and lifting your head to his lap.

  "Five more minutes mom..." You groaned, sitting up beside him and leaning on his shoulder,"I don't wanna go to school..."

  A smile found its way to his lips once more as he rubbed your shoulder,"Why don't you just lay down for five more minutes then...?"

  You flopped back down, opening your arms up,"Sleep with me..."

  Matthew willingly laid down beside you, wrapping his arms around you and allowing you to fall asleep peacefully once more. "You're so lazy..."
Yeah, we're getting hit tomrrow.
I might stay up later tonight. Last night, I was exhausted.
I was working as a volunteer at a spook-walk.
That was so much fun. I go back tonight too.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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