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February 7, 2013
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 People always asked why you hung out with guys. Why you dressed like one. Or acted like one. It was actually rather dumb for people to ask you this, why did it even matter?

 Currently, you were hanging out with your two friends, Matt and Al sat with you on a railing in the skatepark. The three of you were panting, taking drinks of water and smiling towards each other.

 "I didn't know if you were gunna be able to scale that wall Al." You panted before taking a swig of your water. "You're balance is pretty off."

 "Says you!" He laughed, squirting his water at you through a hole on the top of the cap as you laughed and squealed. "You planted your face on the ground from a simple backflip a few weeks ago! It's a miracle you didn't die!"

 Matt grinned, taking a drink himself. "He's got ya there. Lemme show you how it's done."

 He stood up but something shifted in you. Something was wrong. Looking against the wall he ran over, bringing is weight forward and using his hands to assure he didn't crack his head. Almost immediately after he landed, he collapsed in pain, clutching at his ankle.

 "Shit!" Al snapped, rushing towards his brother as you whipped out your phone and dialed in '911' for an ambulance. "Matt, what the fuck!"

 "My ankle you little shit!" He snarled back, his eyes burning but quickly turning pain-filled. "Damnit this hurts like a bitch!"

 You rushed over, pulling Al away and looking at Matt. "It'll be okay. Al, you wanna call your dad?"

 Holding out the phone, you allowed Al to snatch it and call their dad. "Dad? Yeah, Mattie needs to go to the hospital...yes, we were doing parkour again...I didn't hurt him!"

 Angrily, you snatched your phone back to hear their 'parental figure' gibbering on. "Artie, it's fine. I think he sprained his ankle."

 "_____________, are you with them!?" He snapped. "What do you think you're doing!? It's late at night and you shouldn't be messing around!"

 You heard sirens in the distance. "Yeah, whatever! Just meet us there!"

 "I'm calling your parents!" He snapped, making you flinch. "They'll want to hear about this! What's their number again?"

 You paused, looking at the brothers before hanging up. "He said he'll meet us there."


 As expected, a clean break. And then a concussion from falling so hard on his head. He was sleeping by the time you, Al and Arthur were allowed in to visit.

 Sighing, you sat by his side and gripped his hand. "Arthur. This was my idea to do. Blame me..."

 "Why don't we call your parents?" He said simply, coming over to brush your shoulder which you quickly pulled away from. "What's wrong...? You seem so...I don't...are you...?"

 Tears were blindly falling down your face when you turned away. Quickly, you used your sleeve to wipe away the tears from your (e/c) eyes. "I'm not...I'm not crying...! Jeez, I don't have any reason to."

 "Something is wrong." Al mused, grabbing your shoulders and kneeling in front of you. "Tell us, you're always welcomed to crash the night if you got into an argument with your 'rents-"

 "I don't have parents..." You finally whispered, leaning forward. "I've been living in an orphanage which I ran away from...I've been going to homeless shelters every night to feed myself and then rush to school...I shower like once a week and have nothing..."

 Al embraced you, brushing your hair softly as tears slowly and silently slid down your face. "This is a joke right...? really aren't living on..."

 "Why haven't you told us?" Arthur interjected, coming beside you as well. "You are more than welcome to stay with us you know...why didn't you tell anyone of us...?"

 "It's embarrassing though..." You whimpered, burying your face. "I-I can't go around t-telling people I'm homeless...I-I'm only in high school..."

 "Alfred...take her home and let her clean off...get her something to wear and eat in the meanwhile..." Arthur said gently wiping the tears away. "You're staying with us whether you want to or don't worry. The guest room is set up and you can borrow whatever clothes are in there for the time being..."

 Nodding, you threw your arms around his neck before leaving silently with Al. He drove you to their house, holding your hand and rubbing it gently. "Are you okay with coming to stay with us...?"

 "Y-Yeah..." You whispered, leaning back in your chair. "I'm happy...really, I am. I just..."

 He stopped the car, still holding onto your hand. "Come on. We have leftovers that'll taste good if you head it up...unless you want veggie-burgers..."

 "Leftovers..." You murmured, letting go of his hand and going inside. He followed behind, grabbing you some old clothes and letting you shower away all the dirt and grime from your body.

 Finally, you ate and curled up in bed, just laying blankly awake. Al came in, hugging you in bed and letting you break down into his shoulder until you had cried yourself to sleep.


 "I said I'm fine pops..." Matt growled, making his way shakily inside with crutches. "Where's ___________ damnit!?"

 "I wonder." Arthur pondered, walking in and looking around. When he came up to the guest room, he saw you and Al laying asleep, your body shaking. Matt saw too and quickly hobbled over to you. His arms went around your form and snuggled closer.

 "Why didn't you just tell us damn it...?" He hissed, kissing your temple. "How long have you been on your own...?"

 Arthur came over, rubbing Matt's shoulder gently. "I don't think she'd want to admit that...I pressed her for information but it's for the best..." He brushed some strands of hair from your face. "We should go to sleep...all of us would benefit from some rest."

 "Yeah, yeah..." He mumbled, standing up.

 "And no more of this parkour business!"


 Your eyes opened the following morning quickly, a cold sweat on your forehead. Shooting up, you noticed Al had gotten up since he had fallen asleep beside you the following night.

 Getting up, you shakily made your way to the kitchen to see Arthur baking. He turned and smiled towards you, holding a freshly-baked pan of unfrosted cupcakes. "Oh, good morning ___________!"

 His smile was contagious because you gave a faint one yourself. "You look like you slept well last night. Was everything okay? Was the bed too hard or did the sheets reek...? I should've switched the sheets again so you could have something more fresh to sleep on...! Lemme just-"

 "No was nice." You said with a small grin. "T-Thank you for everything...I's so kind of you to just let me come in and live with you..."

 "No trouble at all." He said, messing your hair up. "Would you like to help me decorate these...?"

 "Y-Yeah. I might not be so good at it though." You warned as he chuckled. "I'll do my best..."

 "That's all I ask."

 For about 10 minutes, you spent icing cupcakes, letting Arthur teach you and guide you once or twice before going on your own while he baked more. Al and Matt came in, Al wrapping his arms around your waist from behind and kissing your cheek.

 You flinched as he laughed lowly. "Mornin' sleeping beauty. Helping pops make some 'cakes I see."

 "Al, sod off..." You hissed but nudged his cheek.

 Turning around, you looked towards Matt and smiled, going to hug him carefully. "Missed you too 'Crutchie.' How do you feel?"

 "Had better days..." He murmured into your hairline. "But how are you feeling today...?"

 "Better." You stated simply. "Thanks..."

 "Hey, we got CoD set up in the living room if you wanna do co-op mode." You looked towards Arthur who smiled and nodded. "You sure that's okay pops?"

 "Go on ahead." He said sincerely. "I only have another batch, I can get it done in a jiffy. Thanks for helping out love."

 With that, you followed the brothers and began playing. After an hour or so, you all grew bored and started building a world in minecraft. Not long after, you fell asleep in Matt's lap with the controller in hand.

 He didn't complain, simply letting you lay there as they continued building your little house in the game. "She hasn't been getting enough sleep out there...just let her relax for awhile..."

 "I don't see anything wrong." Al smiled, kissing your cheek. "Just let 'er nap a bit and then give her time to relax with us again. We won't do too much crazy stuff until she's well-rested."

 "Yeah..." Matt kissed your hairline. "Night __________..."

 "Night little bro-chick." Al muttered, brushing your hair softly. Quickly, he pulled away. "Enderman! Enderman!"

 "Shut up!"
Pretty much drabble food no reason.
I don't own you or Hetallia!
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