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October 8, 2012
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  Your dad was really one of a kind. He was a womanizer and still set in his ways with a 6 year old daughter. Actually, that's how you came about. Your mother dumped you on him, saying she wanted nothing to do with children.

  The reaction when he found you must've been shock. He was the youngest of 2 brothers and knew there weren't too many people who actually liked him to help (thank god for uncle Arthur and Francis, otherwise, who knows what might've happened).

  Even so, you knew he loved you very much. Sure it took awhile for it to ease in but once it did, everything seemed better. He would always ask how school was when you opened the door. He always listened and if it happened that something was wrong...

  It didn't stay wrong for long. End of story.

  Like when you came home one day. Your dad heard the bus stopping then eventually pulling away. The door opened. "_________, how was scho-"

  The door slamming and a pair of feet running to her room (and then another slam) cut him off. He quickly moved to your room and opened your door to see you curled up on bed, crying softly.

  He came over and held you, waiting until you wanted to talk. That is, until the bleeding cuts and pulled-on hair sticking out caught his attention. "Who hurt you?"

  You shook your head, signifying that you didn't want to talk. But he needed answers now. "Just tell me...I want to make sure no one is going to do this to you again..."

  Your eyes moved up, locking with his angered crimson ones. "I-It was some boys in m-my class. I-I told them to stop b-but...t-the teacher s-said it was okay a-and to keep playing...b-because it was a game...t-they said it was b-because t-they like m-me!"

  He held you close as you began sobbing, now wanting to do nothing more than knock your teacher out. And then make sure those boys couldn't sit for a month.

  Although, his top priority now was to make sure you felt better. Letting you snuggle closer, he began to comb your hair to put it back in order. How anyone could even think of allowing a child to hurt another when she says 'no' and because they thing they like her...

  His mind was burning with anger but on the outside, he showed his gentle, parental side. "You don't have to go to school tomorrow...I'll let you have the day off, okay?"

  You nodded, grabbing his shirt and burying your face into it.  "I need to go somewhere in the morning but after that, I'll spend all day with you if you want. You like that idea?"

"J-Just...don't flirt with any of the girls..." Your soft and frail voice had a small hint of joke in it, a small smile now gracing your lips. Your dad ruffled your hair and kissed your forehead gently.

  "Come on. Let me fix up those cuts and call uncle Artie to bring you something sweet, okay?"


  "Arthur please just watch her tomorrow morning!" Alfred was nearly begging now over the phone.

  "No is no Alfred. We've watched her nearly every night you decide to go out! You need to learn to be her parent-!"

  "Listen you..." He cut off venomously,"Someone beat the shit out of my daughter today with the teacher's allowance. I'm going to her fucked-up school tomorrow to make sure those little assholes never lay a hand on my precious daughter!"

  The phone went silent for a moment before the Englishman sighed on the other end of the phone. "Firstly Alfred, stop with the cursing. That's rather rude and you can use other words." Again, the line was silent. "Secondly, how early do you want me over?"


  When Alfred set foot in the school that morning, you could sense trouble. By now, all his anger was practically spilling out of him. The first place he went to was the principal.

  He didn't wait, he just barged in the office where he was speaking to a little girl. He signaled her to go away and as she left added,"Go on! Get out of here you little punk-nosed brat!"

  "Excuse me sir, but this is a school-"

  "Then why is it my daughter came home crying yesterday!? I thought the schools are supposed to be safe!" He snapped cutting off the principal. "She said some boys were beating her up and the teacher said it was okay! Fuck, if they were 18 and 23, it would be rape!"

  "Sir, please calm down-"

  "And you know what else!?" He continued, ignoring the teacher,"The teacher said that whole crush shit! She's gunna learn boys treat her like fuck when she gets older! That is absolute bullshit! My daughter is the sweetest and kindest girl and if I swear, I will sue the fucking district if I have to!"

  This seemed to catch his interest now. "Well now m-mister..."

  "Jones." He stated in a sharp tone.

  "Mister Jones, yes...I will make sure the teacher is fired and that the accused boys be recognized today-"

  "No, she's saying home today." He hissed, glaring daggers at the man. "I'll bring her back tomorrow. But I swear to you, if this happens again, I'll make sure I actually use my position to make sure this whole school gets closed!"

  With that, he left the room, slamming the door behind him.

  After that, he ended up going home and finding that you were still asleep. Arthur was in the kitchen, baking something for you when you would awake. "So how did it go?"

  "I threatened to shut the school system down." Alfred said cooly, going to the fridge and pulling random things out.

  "Alfred," Arthur started,"You can't just abuse your power as a country and threaten to shut a school down!"

  "Whatever old man," Alfred said in a bitter voice,"When she becomes your kid, call me."

  You fumbled out of bed, going into the kitchen and seeing Arthur. Smiling, you went over towards him and hugged his leg. He chuckled and lifted you up into his arms. "Good morning sweetums! How are you this morning?"

  "Good..." You said, relaxing on his shoulder. Alfred looked over and sighed to himself. Your eyes scanned over to your dad and you smiled. "Daddy...!"

  He looked over and smiled slightly, you giggled at his missing tooth. Arthur handed you over to him, your arms went around his neck and you rested against his chest. "Don't worry sweetie, daddy made sure that no one is going to hurt you..."

  "Thank you daddy..." You said, nearly asleep in his arms already. "Thank you so much...I love you..."

  "Love you too kid..." He muttered, kissing your forehead. "Love you too..."

  And any time after that day that you would come crying for any reason...

  Well, lets just say, anyone who got in 'daddy's way ended up unconscious on the sidewalk.
Commission for :iconmoonawolf:

Oneshot unless she says she wants more.
So please...

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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